My Dirty Little Secret-I Love Bath And Body Works–Time For A Change

I am a sucker for all things that smell pretty, such as flowers, perfume, and babies.  I am also a bath addict, and have been all of my life.  This has lead to an unhealthy love for Bath and Body Works products.  When I say unhealthy, I mean that, as the products are jam packed with nasty stuff, like parabens and the like.  So, I am trying to quit…

I have said before that most of us start using natural skin and body care products and cosmetics in a gradual fashion, replacing one bad product for one good, natural, product.  That is, unless you have used natural products all of your life.  Not many of us have, especially if you are my age–not that old, but not that young, either.

So, while I have been using nothing but natural stuff on my face for a while now,and it shows beautifully, I have been a little lax with my body care products, and since mu body is bigger than my face, well, it is time to make the switch.  Of course, I have dabbled in Burt’s Bees skin care products in the past, and liked them well, but they do cost a lot.

I have already made one products change, and that is from using a body wash to using a great smelling oatmeal soap that I picked up at the natural food store.  I used nothing but this same kind of soap back in my college days, so not only does the oatmeal soap clean me well, including my face. it takes me back to my youth.  That it priceless.  I am also exploring some nice looking cold process soaps on

Meanwhile, how to moisturize my body?  I could certainly use olive oil, and have, or grapeseed oil.  I made a wonderful, all natural body butter a year ago, that I gave as Christmas gifts, but my portion is long gone.  So, I have been searching, and have ordered three whipped body frostings for seller, HeavenScentBoutique.

I was searching Etsy last week for a natural cream or lotion for my body that smelled nice.  That is important to me.  In my search, I found that heavenScentBoutique was having a penny sale that ended that night–sorry you missed it–buy two products, get the third for a penny.  So, I bought three of these whipped body frostings.  They are 93% natural, and have no parabens or other yucky stuff.  I figure that 93% natural is a good start, right?

I chose the lime coconut scent, the creamy pumpkin, as Fall is coming, and the Madagascar musk, as I like exotic scents.  The seller makes each batch by hand, to order, so the turn around time is 7 to 10 days, so I do not have my order in hand and have not tried the body frosting, but I am excited.

These whipped body frostings contains aloe vera, palm oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, green tea, vitamin E, vitamin A, and sweet almond oil.  There are fragrance oils, and colorants, which makes these products not 100% natural, or 100% perfect, but as I said, a start is a start and I am a sucker for a sale.

How are you all doing on your homework of replacing one bad product for a naturally good one?  Let me know what you’ve done, and where you found your new, natural product!


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