Baby, It’s Hot Outside! Cucumber Melon Facial Refreshing Facial Mask

Well, after two nearly solid months of rain, summer has arrived with a vengeance, with temperatures hovering at 90 degrees, with plenty of humidity and make it feel downright miserable, inside and out. When it is like this, I don’t feel like doing anything other than the bare necessities-cleansing and moisturizing. When just breathing causes you to start to sweat, I see no sense in makeup or doing my hair up too much.

Today was the 5th or so day of this heat/humidity thing, and I know that I have been slacking on my skin care. Bah and blah! I needed something to perk me, and my shiny skin up. Cucumber has been on my mind for days. probably because of the cucumber hyaluronic acid serum I use in the morning. And what goes better with cucumber than melon.

I had recently read somewhere that it is easier to make a cucumber facial mask if you first shred the cucumber, then put in in the freezer until frozen. Take it out, and let the shredded cucumber thaw a bit, and all of that good face tightening, vitamin C packed, hydrating cucumber juice will be oozing out. So, today I did that, but I added a twist. I froze little chunks of cantaloupe, too.

Once both the melon and the shredded cucumber had thawed a bit, I popped both into the food processor, and added an egg. I gave it a qucik whirl–enough to mix it up, the I put this cucumber melon slushie on my face. Boy, did that feel great, and smell great! Perhaps a bit messy, so lie down and relax with a cool cucumber slice over each eye. I left it on for about 25 minutes, then rinsed with tepid water. This was a lovely pick me up!

The orange color of cantaloupe just screams vitamin A-beta carotene, so great for skin, plus the melon is full of vitamin C, the anti-oxidant wonder. Also, the cantaloupe has alpha hydroxy fruit acids. Frankly, it was so delightful, I wouldn’t have cared if it had half of the good stuff that this refreshing, hot summer’s day, cucumber and melon facial mask did. And, this is so gentle and hydrating, I can happily use this recipe every day until the heat breaks. Give it a try and coool down for a bit!


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