Review: Aromaleigh High Resolution Finishing Powder

I know that I have mentioned my own oily skin many times, and the very oily, blemish prone skin of my 25 year old daughter.  Well, here I go again talking about the daughter…

For her birthday, my oldest daughter, the oily one, who is as addicted to Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup as I am, asked for two Aromaleigh products.  One was an eye shadow, and the other was the very popular High  Resolution Finishing Powder.  Her younger sister got them for her, and since she couldn’t wait until August 17, my oldest daughter has been using the products.  Bad girl!  But when you are shipping to another state, you just cannot watch over them like you can when they are in the same house ;-

To say that Emily has never found a finishing powder that has helped control her oil and shine would be an understatement.  She loves the mineral foundation as it does so much to control her acne, but not the shine.  She is thrilled with the Aromaleigh High Resolution Finishing Powder.  She says that she has never used anything as wonderful.  She can go out in the Baltimore heat and humidity and go back indoors, look at herself in the mirror, and she the same shine-free face that she saw before she went out.  She is amazed!

Aromaleigh made this ultra smooth finishing powder to help create a flawless finished face–helping to minimzie the look if fine lines ans wrinkles, and to diminish the look of large pores.  It isn’t and wasn’t intended to be an oil control finishing powder–they do have one just for that–but the High Resolution Powder does a miraculous job at controlling oily shine throughout the day, so says the expert, my daughter.

I tried this powder as samples last summer and was very pleased with it, too, but had been too cheap to buy any for myself.  I am going to do so the next time that it is 25% off.  The Aromaleigh High Resolution Finishing Powder comes in four colors: clear, translucent for darker skin, peaches and cream, which my daughter now has, and English rose, for cool skin tones.  These are very lightly tinted powders, that will just add that right touch of color.   The last two colors are fairly new to this line.

So, if oil control is a problem for you, and if you are looking for a powder that will give you a flawless finish at the same time, give the Aromaleigh High Resolution Finishing Powder a try.  As always, Kristen offers samples, so you can try before you buy, and kiss that shiny face good bye!


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