Hi there!  I am the natural Beauty Lady, aka, Annie, or Mom, and the list goes on…  I am a nearly 50 year old woman, yes, just one month away, and I am the mother of 7 kids, ages, almost 26 to 4 and a half.  So, yes, I am busy, but I love to write, especially about beauty and skin care–natural, organic, clean and green beauty and skin care.  Certainly, I have many other interests, like reading, walking, cooking and such.  I am a deeply deep person.  I am at that tricky age where women begin to fret over their looks, and how to keep them.  I also have two daughters, one 25 and one 20, both who fret over their own beauty and skin care issues.  So, whether you are already as green as field of clover when it comes to beauty, or if you’re just dipping your toe into the subject of natural beauty and skin care, I hope that I have something to offer, and that we can learn and grow with each other!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. I’ve just come across your website and really enjoy your evaluations of beauty products. As I am just getting into the natural beauty regimen, I was wondering what you would recommend for 25 year old skin. Thanks again.

    • Hi Paola! I am happy that you like my blog. Thank you so much! My oldest daughter will turn 25 next week. She has exceptionally oily skin–the bane of her existence. What is your skin like? Oily, combination, or dry? Once I know, I can better help you with product selections and so forth. It’s good that you are going natural at a young age!

    • Annie,

      Thank you for writing this note! My summer was summer was utter chaos, and I’ve just settled in the last two weeks, which have been so busy. I have felt very bad for my little blog, so I will get back at it today, including and updated review of your makeup in the near future!

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