Wow–I’ve been gone for two whole years! Well, I am back!

I am totally amazed that it has been two years, almost to the day, when I last posted on this little blog of mine.  Time sure does fly!  In those two year, I got older, I moved from Maine to Montana, and moved from Montana back to Maine.  My little boy just turned 7, and my oldest daughter is now engaged!  Instead of writing content articles for Associated Content, I now write for Yahoo! Finance, and Yahoo! Shine, and Yahoo! Wisdom, so Yahoo!, indeed.  I am moving up the writing food chain!  We have lost businesses that I loved, like Aromaleigh, but others keep on going strong, like Lucy Minerals and Garden of Wisdom.  I am still not divorced, but am hoping that happens by the end of the year!

As I pondered the all of the twists and turns life has taken I came to realize two things have been missing—any form of pampering, and writing for pure pleasure, not just to earn valuable cash dollars.  So, I have resolved to change both as a way to celebrate my official entry into menopause proper 😉  As a result, I am sitting here writing for pleasure with the most glorious pumpkin and cocoa mask on my face!  It smells and feels like heaven.  I have not done a facial mask in two years, either!  Can you imagine?

Well, it all ends now—or starts.  I am back and badder than ever!  I will back later with the results of this dreamy mask!  xoxoxo


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