Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Matte Eye Shadow Collection–The Samples Arrived, Let the Reviews Begin!

I finally got my Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Matte Eye Shadow Collection samples yesterday evening!  Thank you SO much Kristen!  I had been getting worried, but apparently my husband found the package in the bushes below the mailbox.  They came in a little organza gift bag, just like the present that they are!  Let me refresh your memory about this collection:

The weather here is rotten right now, rainy, and windy, and not good days to take pictures of hand swatches, but the color are vibrant, and the shadow slides on smoothly, with no chalkiness, or streaks.

The color descriptions are now up on the page for these 20 not-so-tame matte eye shadow colors in the Retro Hi-Fi collection.  This morning, I gave three colors a test drive on my own eyes.  I used Mink Coat, from the Aromaleigh Eye Plush collection from lash line to brown.  I then used the Retro Hi-Fi color Smokin’ on my lid.  It is a gorgeous smoked mauve.  I used Daddy-o in the crease, and wet lined Cranked as an eye liner.  The look is outstanding, and not too bold for a woman of my age.


Daddy-o is a sweet, muted turquoise blue, and Cranked is a coral red.  Cranked is one of the colors that kind of scared me, as we are a cool toned people in my family, and oranges and yellows do not suit us much at all.  I swatched the The lemon yellow Real Gone on the back of my hand, and the words “liver transplant” immediately sprung to mind, so I am going to have to search out an olive skinned person to try some of the more orangey, and yellowed shades.

Like Miss K, I am not generally wild about matte eye shadows, but I could not be more pleased with what I am seeing on my eyes today.  My eyes are poppin’, and the look is neither too boring, or over the top.  I know that when I have a bit more pocket change, after the holidays, I will be buying some full sizes, and that surprises even me, the Aromaleigh eye shadow addict.  These are the perfect, jazzy, matte mineral eye shadow colors that you have been waiting for–so do give them a try.  More color reviews to come, as I experiment some more, and get a few samples to my daughters.

So, I am still excited about the Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Matte eye shadow collection.  I bet that you will be, too!



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