Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Eye Shadow Collection! I’m SO Excited!

And, I just can’t hide it! It’s been an “Oh, goody, goody” day here today!  For weeks, Miss K, Kristen Leigh Bell, creator of Aromaleigh Cosmetics and Aromatics, has been teasing, and taunting her Facebook, and blog fans with gorgeous images, of the new, Retro Hi-Fi Matte Eye Shadow Collection.  Like Miss K herself, I like me some sparkles in my eye shadow, but this collection has plenty of spark for matte eye shadows!  While sparkles it may lack, it has no lack of pizazz, and hot, shockingly glamorous colors.  Take a look:

Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Matte Eye Shadow Collection

Glory, glory!  Look at those colors!  Have you ever seen such beauty in a matte eye shadow collection, I ask you?  Me neither.  But, here is the big news–Miss K just opened up the Retro Hi-Fi Matte Eye Shadow Collection tonight for sale–so you can begin to shop for these outstanding, stand-out colors, just in time for that Holiday party!

Now, if that is not enough excitement, Miss K announced over the weekend, on Facebook, that she had eight sample sets for beauty bloggers to try and reviews, and to send her an email.  Luckily, because of my work, I never leave my computer, so I emailed her at once, and I go word today from Kristen that a full sample set is already winging it’s way to me to try and review!  I feel like I won that lottery!

This is a big, 40 eye shadow collection, so those samples are a big gift to me, and to all of you, once I can start to review!  Oooh!  Goody, goody!  I can’t wait–can you??  I suspect that the samples may arrive on Wednesday, and if not, Friday.  Good gravy, Marie–I am going to have a lot of fun with these samples, as will my two test subjects, my lovely daughters.  They are pretty happy, too.

Now, if you want to go ahead and order samples now, before I can start to review these smooth, sweet, swanky, matte eye shadows, I will understand.  After all, the Holiday gift giving season is almost upon us, and what better gift to give yourself?  I will let you know when they arrive, and I can begin to play with them!  I may not sleep tonight from the excitement–but then I will have under eye circles when the Retro Hi-Fi Matte eye shadows arrive, and that just wouldn’t do!  Night night, and oh, goody, goody!


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