My Garden of Wisdom Products Arrived! Skin Communicator Serum Review

Tuesday night, I finally got my new Garden of Wisdom order into my hot, little hands!  My mailing address is different from my home, so it may take a day or two before I actually get my whatever.  Anyway, of course I was excited to give everything a try ASAP!  I got the Skin Communicator Serum, the Matrix Majik Serum, and the ReNew Skin Cream with Renovage.

Now, I am usually a little skeptical when I read any review and it reads something like:  “Wow!  I used it once and–I look 10 years younger!”  I mean, sure.  We’d all love that, right?  I could only hope for those results.  That night, I cleansed my face, then applied the Skin Communicator Serum onto my damp skin, and let it dry, as directed, before I put anything else on.  I followed it by the Matrix Majik Serum, and the ReNew cream with Renovage.  The combination is amazing!

I had not been feeling well physically for a few days before the products arrived, and I was stressed with a lot of work, and kind of in a funk.  My skin was not looking tippy top, and that always bothers me.  This is why I should not let my products run out before I order something new, but I digress.

The morning after the first application of the new GoW products, my skin DID look noticeably better.  Now, I am not going to tell you that I looked 10 years younger, and nor does the Garden of Wisdom site make this claim, but I looked a lot healthier.  I cannot quite find the correct word–but healthier, younger, more radiant, less dull looking–those words would all apply.

I have stuck to this regime, morning and night, adding a night cream—the Dress Green Pure Hydration Cream–after the ReNew cream has been on for a bit.  This morning, I woke up, and not only was my skin looking really good, but my skin looked plumper, and my fine lines were far less obvious.  If this keeps up, I may have to buy full sizes of all three products.  But, this is to be a review of the Skin Communicator Serum.

This serum is very light, and has a water-like consistency.  The directions say to apply 2-3 drops to damp skin, and when my skin is damp, that small amount glides on easily, and seems to be the perfect amount.  The Garden of Wisdom Skin Communicator serum contains Anemarrhena Asphodeloides, which helps increase skin volume by stimulating the skin cells.  It is also antibacterial.

Rice protein, white lily extract, collagen and hyaluronic acid are also in the serum, along with Syntakes, which are peptides said to increase skin firmness, decrease wrinkles, and improve skin tone, structure, and tone.  It smells clean, and very light.  Other companies that use Syntakes in their products include:

Arcona Peptide Firming Complex Regenerate AM/P ($72)
M Lab Anti-aging Blemish Control ($175)
Canyon Ranch Age Transforming Concentrate Serum ($150)
RTOV Intensive Facial Lift Stimulator ($48)
Isomers Stem Genesis ($75)
Peter Thomas Roth’s Unwrinkle Night ($110)

That makes $27.90 seem like a drop in the bucket for an ounce of the terrific serum.  A review on the GoW site has a user telling us that her skin looked brighter, and plumper after using the serum, and those are the words that I would use, too.   When I use it alone, on the back of my hand, my hand feels smooth as silk.  This is a truly lovely serum, and when used with other products, it really packs a wonderful wallop to against signs of aging.  Oh, and I haven’t worn makeup since I got the products, and I still think that I look pretty darn good!  Well worth a try!


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