New Garden of Wisdom Products On Their Way!

Well, after much internal debate, I finally placed me new Garden of Wisdom order two nights ago, and the goodies are winging their way to me, as I type.  I am pretty excited, as the dullness of Autumn and approaching Winter are already showing on my skin, and I need to try, and review something new.

In the end, I choose sample sizes of the GoW Cell Communicator Serum, The GoW Matrix Majik Serum, and the GoW reNew Cream with Renovage.  These products all look terrific, and I love the way they are made–without junk.  It does bother me a bit that this Renovage stuff may not be 100% natural, but I believe that it is something worth trying, and that it would not be used in a GoW product were it deemed harmful in any way.

Frankly, my mind has been wandering into less than good territory, and I keep hearing all of the Retin-A hype.  I cannot afford the cost of Retin-A, but I *could* afford it if I bought it from a Canadian online pharmacy.  But, what is in the base of those Retin-A creams and gels?  I do not know, and I do not like no knowing.  Would you use a prescription strength retinol cream?  Would you order it from Canada?  Fuel for another blog post…

If I am happy with the new Garden of Wisdom products, then it will take my mind off if buying an unknown from Canada.  Also, should I finally decide toss my hat into the retinol ring, I will choose the Garden of Wisdom Vite Resurface retinol cream.  For that, I will wait until after they holiday spending season, and until after I have given these new serums and creams a good try.

I love nothing more than getting little packages in the mail, especially if they contain makeup, and skin care products, so once these GoW beauties arrive, I will let you know, and begin my experiments.  Being a human guinea pig really it’s as bad as people claim it is 😉  Ta-ta for now!


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