Breaking News! Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup Limited Ediciton 2008 Holiday Blast Eye Shadow Collection Back!

This just in to the news desk, the Aromaleigh Mineral makeup 2008 Limited Edition Eye Shadow Collection is back for it’s final encore presentation.  The Holiday Blast .E. eye shadow collection was created by Kristen Leigh Bell for Christmas 2008, and it was the first L.E eye full eye shadow collection ever made specifically for Christmas by Aromaleigh, separate and apart from Holiday sets.

Since the Holiday Blast Collection of 2008, Miss K has created many, wonderous, limited edition eye shadow collections, and many of the superb colors from those collections will be brought back permanently.  This is not so with the extremely popular, extremely festive, extremely beautiful Holiday Blast Collection, as these colors were created with discontinued pigments, so when their little pieces of Christmas eye candy are gone, they are gone for good!

I adore the Holiday Blast Collection, and own several full sized shades from last year.  I began by ordering a full set of samples, and from that I ordered  sparkle infused, coral, Spiked Punch–the color that I was *sure* that I would like the very least from the pictures, as well as  the pure, liquid gold, Party Dress.  As time went by, I added the terrific, glittery, tea rose, High Heels and the wine/brown shimmering, Times Square to my personal collection, having missed out on getting the best seller–Champagne Toast.

Oy!  So, here I sit, and this collection has JUST been released, and I have promised myself that I will not spend other dime on makeup in 2009, and there is that Champagne Toast staring at me saying, “Buy me!  You must have me, too!”  What is a girl to do?  Exercise some restraint?  Email my kids and tell them Mommy wants it for Christmas?  Or, will I just break down and buy it….  It’s too close to call at this time.  More news at 11—not tonight, but, I will let you know what I decide!  In the meantime—go look!  Time’s a wastin’!


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