Garden Of Wisdom–Picking a New Product to Try! Help!

Don’t you wish that there were just one skin care product that would fulfill all of your skin care needs?  I sure do…  I wish that I could just buy one great, natural, skin care product that would address hydration, and collagen, and wrinkle reduction, and pore size, and combination skin.  Alas, there is no such product.  I would not care, if I had all of the money in the world, but that I do not have, either.

Besides, I have nothing to review if I try nothing new, right?  I am all out of my beloved Garden of Wisdom Summer serum, with the coffeeberry, and since summer is over, so is my shine–for now.  I am also out of a hyaluronic acid serum, and DMAE serum, but I want to try something new, something with more zing for my aging skin–and of course, it will be something more expensive.  I read some of the skin care routines that GoW fans use, and I have a pretty bare bones program going here, but then I make a lot of face food stuff that works wonders, too, and does the job of some of these products.

So, right now, I am looking at the following products from Garden of Wisdom.  I know hat I am going to buy the Crisp Apple Hydrating Mist.  What I do not know is what comes next, and I am asking for you help.  Here are the products that I am considering:

The Garden of Wisdom Skin Communicator Serum–this is a peptide serum with Syntakes peptides, as well as rice protein, white lily, and hyaluronic acid.  It costs $27 for an ounce, while skin care companies such as Peter Thomas Roth, and many others charge $110 and on up for products containing the syntakes peptides.  Those who have reviews this serum say that it works wonders, plumping the skin and making it look better, and more radiant, too.

My other possibility is the GoW Renew cream with Renovage–another thing fancy skin care companies use.  This cream has lingonberry fruit extract, and seed oil, or reduce photo-aging, lift and firm the skin, and to lighten age spots.  The Renovage is said to help with cell structural recovery.  Again, rave reviews, and Renovage is suppose to ward off signs of aging, as well as healing skin.  Hmmm….this stuff is $32 for an ounce.

And then there is the GoW Matrix Majik Anti-Aging serum with M, DMAE, and R-ALA–lifting, and so forth.  This is $24.60 for an ounce.  See why I wish everything could be packing into one bottle, or jar?

Finally, there is the Vita Resuface Retinol Cream, which cost $48 for the 1% strength, and we all know that retinol is the *must have* anti-aging product.  This cream has a sample size, but I suspect you do not see results after sampling.  I will probably get the sample size anyway.

I want to try them all!  Alright, I have a sample size of all four product in my cart right now.  I removed the hydrating mist–it can wait.   What do you all think?  Should I try them all, or go full size one at a time?  Please!  Help me out there!  This is tough, and I want to know what you would like to see reviewed, too!  Comments please!  Thanks gang!


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