Review: Aromaleigh’s Elegie Eye Shadow En Pointe L.E. Collection

As I have mentioned before, of the many limited edition eye shadow collections that Kristen Leigh Bell, of Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup, has created in the past year, the En Pointe collection has been my favorite. Of course, I have many shadows from several of the other L.E collections, and love them, too, but the En Pointe collection speaks to me. The colors are more muted, and there are some gorgeous matte eye shadows. I love the sparkly shadows, but having some more subtle shadows is necessary, too. But these are not boring-subtle, though. Not at all!

When the collection first came out I immediately bought full sizes of three eye shadows, the Serenade, Clara, and Coppelia–I had missed out on full sizes from other L.E collections and that was not going to happen again! Later, I bought the delightful Dulcinea, and some samples, among them, Elegie.

Elegie scared me when I first saw the collection, as it looks very deep, almost black. It is described as follows on the Aromaleigh site:

Elegie: A dark dose of shimmering jewels. Add to other shades to deepen and dramatize, use wet-lined or all-over for a magnificent, glimmering smokey eye.

Anyway, my sample arrived, and I put a swatch on the back of my hand an fell in love–alas, too late to get a full size. I have used it wetlined, as a linter, and has since played with the ample sample in other ways. Elegie has been in several eBay auctions that Miss K has held to benefit the American Cancer Association, but since everyone adores it, the bidding got too rich for my blood.

When Kristen brought the En Pointe L.E eye shadow collection back last week, for a two week engagement, I snapped up a full size within minutes! It arrived over the weekend, and oh my, you must try!

It the jar, it looks like a medium, twinkling, gray. I have it on the back of my hand right now, and the smokey base is almost a blue/black, or a very deep gray, and the myriad of glittering, dazzling, colorful sparks, are like the aurora borealis.

I see blue, green, pink, silver, gold–frankly, it is hard for me to tell, as the colors play off of each other, like a prism, they mix and separate to make all of the colors of the rainbow. If I still had the figure I had in my 20’s and 30’s, I might paint it all over myself to create a glorious holiday dress–but that wouldn’t flatter a woman of my age 😉 The little jar of Elegie is so jam packed with eye shadow, that I might just have enough!

If you want to add a little dazzle and jazz to your holiday eyes, get on over to Aromaleigh, and take a look at Elegie eye shadow from the En Pointe Collection. Hurry, hurry–it will be gone again November 16th. Some colors will become permanent, and this may be one, but why risk it? Oh, and they are priced at 25% off, right now, too. Did I say hurry yet?


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