Aromaleigh En Pointe L.E. Eye Shadow Collection–Back for a Limited Time!

Of all of the wonderful, limited edition eye shadow collections that Kristen Leigh Bell, of Aromaleigh Cosmetics and Aromatics, has dreamed up, and created, in the last year, my favorite by far is the En Pointe Collection.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved all of the other ones, too, especially the Holiday Blast Collection, and the Valentine’s Collection, but the En Pointe Collection just spoke to me–actually, it screamed my name, from the moment that I laid my eyes on it.  This came as no surprise, as Aromaleigh is my favorite mineral makeup company–and my one and only for eye shadows!

Miss K describes this glorious collection as follows:

“Inspired by one of my great loves… the ballet.

This is a gathering of lush shades, not just the expected ballet pink. For me, ballet is dramatic, emotional, and full of tragic beauty. With almost 20 years of ballet study, I watch not only dreaming that I could be on the stage, but knowing the iron strength and control that the most ethereal, graceful dancer must have.

“En Pointe” has a little bit of everything… plush matte shades with graceful iridescent highlights, a brilliant shimmering black and white that can make any color into whatever you imagine, and some lovely frosts with multi-faceted effects. Most of this year’s collections have been straight frosts with vivid sparkling highlights, but this collection is more understated while still being full of mystery and transient beauty.”

During the En Pointe Limited Edition Eye Sadow Collection’s first run, I bought full sizes of several, which I almost never do.  I usually try before I buy, with samples.  I chose to get Serenade, Clara, Calliope, and Dulcinea when the collection was first released.  I adore all of the colors that I own.

I swear Kristen made Serenade just for me, as the matte teal, with the violet iridescence makes my blue eye sparkle and shine.  A look with the neutral, beige Calliope as a highlight color, Serenade, and Clara–a smoky purple with pink and blue iridescence is always a winner, whether I use the Serenade on the lid and Clara in the crease, or the other way around.  The lovely Dulcinea is a purple matte, that truly is very plush!

When I bought the Dulcinea–after I loved the first three that I had bought from the collection, I also ordered samples of other shades, including Elegie, and Glisse.  I wasn’t too sure about either, but wouldn’t you know it, I loved them both–but too late, as the collection was retired before I could snap up a full size of each.  Glisse made a perfect crease color, and thesparkly, black Elegie that scared me so makes a stunning, wet lined, eye liner.  I was so disappointed that I had missed them!

Anyway, that all changed Sunday night at about 11:55 p.m., thanks to the re-release of the En Pointe Collection, and a dandy 31 percent off coupon code for being a Facebook faf.  Not a fan yet?  I urge you to become one, as the specials Aromaleigh offers to Facebook fans are simply wonderful.  Anyway, the code ended at 11:59 p.m., and i got my order for Elegie and Glisse in just under the wire.  I have not gotten them yet, but will review them when I do.

I truly wish that I could post a picture, but you can see the L.E. En Pointe eye shadow collection for yourself on the Aromaleigh website–but, only for two small weeks, so hurry!  Some colors will be coming back permanently, but who knows which ones?  You had better try these truly fabulous eye shadow colors before the En Pointe Collection is retired again, so that you have time to sample, then buy–do not miss out.  You will regret it, as I did with Elegie and Glisse.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Go!


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