Aromaleigh Natural Fragrances–A Wonderful Way to Replace Traditional Perfume!

Good Monday to everyone!  How are you adapting to the time change?  If you are like me, you have dark circles under your eyes from not being able to sleep last night ;-(  Hopefully, tonight will be better.  I have finally ended my rebellion, and turned the clocks back today.  I may undo the change any moment now…

Among the many hats that I wear, freelance writing is one of them.  Last wee had me writing an article about eco-friendly perfumes.  Now, I knew that these existed, and it has been on my mind, that as I continue to replace my traditional skin care and cosmetic products for natural products, that I may want to look into natural perfumes to replace my body sprays and traditional perfumes.   I got some wonderful ideas from my research and will be telling you about them in the weeks to come.  To begin, I am going to feature Aromaleigh Cosmetics and Aromatics, and Kristen Leigh Bell’s line of natural perfumes and fragrances.

Armoaleigh does everything that it does well.  From the awesome mineral makeup, with an array of foundation colors that is unsurpassed, the the blushes, hundreds and hundreds of hand formulated eye shadows, and a wide variety if lip products, from balm to lipstick, to, of course, the hand blended natural fragrances.  These natural fragrances were created by Kristen Bell from essential oils, and natural aromatics.  There are six natural fragrances to choose from, so that no matter your perfume style, you will find something that you love.

The Isobel fragrance is said to be a “cult favorite,” and it is a gorgeous blend of rose, jasmine, neroli, black currant seed, along with vanilla, vetiver, and cinnamon.  This fragrance seems to have a floriental feel to it.  for those who love gourmand fragrances, such as myself, there is the Madeline fragrance, with notes of cocoa absolute, sandalwood, nutmeg, vanilla-like benzion, along with grapefruit and lime to add sparkle to the perfume.

Adelaide is said to be a “light, fresh, and dreamy” fragrance, while Dulcinea is termed “sweet and girlish,” and is another gourmand delight.  The Giselle and Kristen fragrances complete the collections, each with their own unique feel.  These fragrances cost $50 for one ounce, but Kristen put one fragrance on sale for 25% off each week, so…  Samples can be had for a mere $2.50, so that you can try the fragrances before you buy them.

It should be “noted” that natural fragrances are lighter, and do not last as long as commercial fragrances,  This just means that you have to apply them a bit more often, and I do not mind that.  Also, if you are sensitive to regular perfume, you may still be to natural perfumes, so best to sample…  Play around with some of these natural fragrances, so that you can be eco-friendly, and still smell sweet as a rose.




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