Another Pumpkin Facial! Pumpkin Apple Enzyme Facial Mask and Olive Oil Hair Soak!

I work very long hours on the weekends. I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. Because of these long hours, I tend to eat poorly on the weekends. I do not drink enough water, I do not get enough sleep, and I have no time for pampering. It is no wonder that when I look at myself in the mirror every Monday morning thatmy reflection has me running to the kitchen to whip up a new recipe. This morning was no different.

Since my skin looked undernourished and depleted, I wanted something that would provide lots of moisture and skin food–nourishment for my poor face. I also knew that I needed to exfoliate. So, I began with a sugar and lemon juice exfoliating scrub, using the usual technique–two minutes massaging it onto my face, then 2 minutes or more sitting on my face. The AHA’s in the lemon juice and sugar work their magic, and the vitamin C boost from the lemon juice helps a lot, too.

While the sugar/lemon juice mixture was drying, I went to the kitchen and began to dump things into my food processor. I wanted a skin softener and those oat beta glucans called to me so I started with a handful of oatmeal. I then put in a few teaspoons of half and half, a couple of large dollops of pumpkin puree for the enzymes and vitamin A and C, a teapspoon of lemon juice, a couple of teaspoons of honey–the natural humectant to lock in moisture, and 1/2 of a small apple, skin and all. Oh yes, I also added a fresh egg white and some cinnamon.

I blended it until it was lumpily smooth, and there were no giant chunks of anything. I rinsed the sugar/lemon off of my face with warm water, then I applied the pumpkin apple mask and it was a nice, thick consistency, so it stayed on very well, with no drippy business. It smelled so good, and felt so good, that I planned to leave it on for a good 30 minutes.

Since I didn’t want to waste that time, not that I was but… I grabbed a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and used about 3 palmfuls to coat my hair completely. I have fine, shoulder length hair, so you may need more, or less. When the 30 minutes was up, I jumped into the shower and washed my hair gently, three times–until it did not feel oily any more. I did not condition beyond the olive oil. I then rinsed off the pumpkin apple enzyme facial mask, finished my shower, hopped out, and dried off.

What with the hair toweling, and the skin cream applying, and the getting dressed, I did not look into the mirror for several minutes, but when I did, I was amazed! I know that when I gave you the first recipe for the pumpkin facial mask that I said that the fine lines around my eyes had softened to a very noticeable extent. Well, this morning, the fine lines around my eyes, very apparent before the mask, had virtually vanished! I am not kidding–my skin looked plump and smooth and well fed. I was truly delighted. My bath tub was a giant mess, what with the oily residue, and the oats and stuff, but it was well worth it, ladies and gentlemen.

I have a good amount left over, so I plan to use this mask each morning, or every other morning, this week just to see if a shorter time on the face works the same magic. If you liked the Pure Pleasure Pumpkin Facial mask, I strongly urge you to try this oatmeal, pumpkin, apple wonder mask at your earliest convenience! It is truly awesome, and I do not use that word lightly. Put your best face forward with these seasonal, Fall ingredients! All of the vitamins, minerals, oat glucan’s, and alpha hydroxy acids will rock your world. Oh yea, my hair looks and feels great, too! Soft, shiny, and manageable!


3 thoughts on “Another Pumpkin Facial! Pumpkin Apple Enzyme Facial Mask and Olive Oil Hair Soak!

    • This mask IS great. I think it is much better than the one with just pumpkin. I have used it three times this week and my skin is so soft, and radiant. And each time, my skin looks so plump and healthy after. I especially love the disappearance of the fine lines around my eyes. It may only last a few hours, but those hours are terrific!

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