Join Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup on Facebook, and You Might Win an ENTIRE Set of Sonic Rocks Eyeshadow!

That is a whole lot of color, and a whole lot of eyeshadow!  You all know how I love Aromaleigh Mineral makeup, and all of the unique, creative, and one of a kind works of makeup art that creator, Kristen Leigh Bell, formulates with care, and what must be magic.  I am a fan of Aromaleigh on Facebook, and you should be, too!

Why?  Deals, discounts, contests, and newsy tidbits.  Right now, Kristen is hoping to reach 1000 fans on her Facebook page.  She is currently 31 fans shy of that goal.  Once she hits 1000 Facebook fans, she will be giving one lucky fan and entire set of Sonic Rocks eyeshadow–full size ones, too!

That is 80 eyeshadow colors, and when I say color, I do mean color!  Check it out for yourself!  It is a little gift for someone worth $520!  Wow–  Other benefits of being a Facebook fan of Aromaleigh Mineral makeup?  How about a 30% off coupon code, or a 25% off coupon code that shows up in your inbox from time to time–frequently, just for being an Aromaleigh Facebook fan, and first crack on sales, too!

There is just no reason not to become a fan of Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup on Facebook, so go join NOW!


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