Put Down That Lip Balm and Back Away Slowly!

Are you one of those people who feel frantic if they forget their lip balm at home?  Are you “addicted” to Chapstick, or Carmex.  You just *may* be addicted, and that’s no laughing matter.  Now, go grab you lip balm and read the tiny little print telling you what is inthe lip balm that you love so…

Does it contain phenol?  Camphor?  Maybe, menthol, of salicylic acid?  If it does, chances are that the reason you cannot go without your lip balm is that on, or more, of those ingredients causes your lips to actually become drier after it has been applied! So, you keep applying it, and your lips feel better for a bit, then dammit!  Your lips feel dry or chapped again, and you reach for your lip balm again, and the cycle begins and goes on and on…

This is the time of year when we naturally need a little something to add moisture to our lips, due to indoor heating, lack of humidity, and cold outdoor temperatures.  Maybe you are like me-a habitual lip smacker/licker/chewer.  With that sort of behavior, anything that I put on my lips doesn’t last for long.  So, what can you do if your lip balm is a “baddie”, and contains phenol, or other drying ingredients?  You go find a lip balm that is natural, and does not contain addictive, drying ingredients.

This summer I found a lip balm at the natural food store, made by Alba Botanica, that had an spf 15–your lips do need sun protection, too-and had no bad stuff, like camphor, phenol, or menthol.  It is colorless, and contains beeswax among other things.  I like it well enough, but it a stiff sort of lip balm, and it takes a lot of effort to apply it in such a way as to feel like you got some on your lips.  It does a fiar job, and it is fragance free, if that matters to you.

My favorite lip balms are made by Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup, and they come in a host of yummy scents, with no yucky ingredients.  I also love the Aromaleigh Nourishing Color Cremes for when I want color, and lip loving ingredients.  The lip balms are clear and they have a consistency that allows for fast, smooth, and easy application.  In short, it doesn’t feel like you are trying to put wax on your lips.

The price is right, too.  They are regularly priced at $4.85, but are often 25% off, like right now, so they cost $3.64.  If you read this immediately, and rush to the Aromaleigh site before midnight tonight, October 20th, you can use the coupon code for another 20% off!  Wow!  I also suggest that you try the Aromaleigh Nourishing Color Cremes, and their lips stick, which is the only lip stick I will wear–love it, love it!  But, those are reviews for another time.

So, before you whip out that phenol containing lip balm again, to apply it for the 100th time today, head over to Aromaleigh, or seek out some other natural, non addictive lip balm.  Your lips will thank you!  These terrific lip balms contain Shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, avocado butter, meadowfoam oil, and vitamin E, among other good things…


One thought on “Put Down That Lip Balm and Back Away Slowly!

  1. I agree about those “baddie” addictive lip balms. It’s gross when you realize what you are putting on your lips, and incidentally ingesting! I have found a source of natural shea butter lip balms and other shea products come straight from Africa imported by my brother in law. It’s available retail & wholesale at a price you wouldn’t believe! I checked health food stores and farmer’s markets and even his retail is less expensive than anywhere I could find.
    A Body Beautiful in Petaluma CA has the hook up. 707-773-3797. Traore ia my brother’s name and he is from the Ivory Coast.
    The especially cool thing about his connection is that 2 years ago Traore taught the women that make the butter to read and write so they can sell at market for a fair price! He went home in June ’09 to visit family and these women were doing so well that they were in a process of gifting to new moms.
    The batch he has available was made when he was there…very fresh. I am a therapist and my clients LOVE the shea, so healing and good for many skin issues.

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