Apple Pie Exfoliating Facial Peel Mask–a Fall Treat!

Today I had the time to pamper myself a bit this morning. I was also in the mood to whip up, and try, something new face food-wise. Now, any woman in the beauty know knows that Juice Beauty makes a popular, and expensive, line of organic skin care products made, in part from, apple juice–which contains malic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid. Malic acid is also on of the ingredients in another skin care best seller–MaMa Lotion. You may have noticed, that I like to use whatever is in season, when it comes to my face food, and apples are fresh and plentiful right now.

So, with this in mind, I began with a fresh lemon juice and brown sugar exfoliating scrub. I massaged the mix onto my face for about two minutes, then just left it there for a while to let the AHA’s in the lemon juice, and the sugar work their dead skin removal magic. While this lemon/brown sugar mix sat on my face, I took what I had left of that mix and added to it a bit more lemon juice, and one half of a fresh off of the tree, organic apple that I had chopped up very finely in the food processor, along with a little bit of cream. To that, I added a bit of cinnamon and cloves, mostly for the smell, and I stirred it up and headed back to the bathroom.

I rinse the brown/sugar lemon stuff off of my face with warm water. Then I proceeded with the apple mask. First off, this is a drippy mask! I tucked a hand towel into the front neck of my top. The mask gets less drippy as it dries, but protect your clothes from the stickies. Anyway, I patted the mask onto my face. You know how sugar makes the juice in apple come out, like when you make a pie? Well, that fresh apple juice is what is going onto your face, so do not fret if you do not have a lot of apple bits adhering to your skin.

Pat in on slowly and carefully, then let in stay on for about 20-30 minutes, drip, drip… The dripping does stop, really…the it is just plain sticky. Sit down, and inhale deeply, enjoying that terrific, Fall, apple pie fragrance. While I was enjoying the scent, I Googled Juice Beauty to see exactly what was in their apple facial peel products. Apple juice, lemon juice, lactic acid from milk, cane sugar for it’s alpha hydroxy acids–wow, why that is pretty much what is in my apple pie facial peel mask! Juice Beauty adds DMAE, and Alpha lipioc acid. Since I have some DMAE on hand, I mixed a little into the remaining mask still in the cup, and I patted that onto my face.

Once everything was nice and sticky, I rinsed the mask off with warm water and the results were amazing! Like the pumpkin peel facial mask, the apple pie facial peel mask had very visibly reduced the fine lines around my eyes, and my face was smooth and glowing. It was wonderful! I toned with my witch hazel and green tea toner–homemade, of course. I then put on a layer of extra virgin olive oil and left that on for 15 minutes, wiping off what hadn’t soaked it. My mineral makeup went on beautifully, and 13 hours later, my skin still feels soft and nourished.

An apple a day keep the doctor away, and eating an apple a day has been shown to help control weight, as well as keep a person regular. Like so many foods we have used so far, apples, when applied to the skin, can work wonders too! Autumn is apple season! Make a pie and a mask at the same time! Yum!


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