Review: Theraganics Natural, Handmade, Cold Process Soap

As I have continued to weed my way through my beauty and skin care products, rooting out all of the baddies along the way, I knew that it was time to ditch the paraben packed body washes with something, so I looked to, and fell into the loving lather of Theraganics, handmade, natural and organic, cold process soaps.  I can honestly say that these soaps are a pure pleasure to use!

One of the things I love about Etsy is that you meet the nicest people-the sellers are wonderful, and Stephanie of Theraganics is no exception.  She uses the finest ingredients for her soaps; shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and she uses not artificial colorants, for fake fragrance oils.  This results in gloriously refreshing and pampering soaps, with a creamy lather that cannot be beat.

My first order was for the carrot tomato complexion soap, which is organic and vegan.  With the carrot containing tons of beta carotene, and the tomato containing lycopene, this is a face loving bar, with a lovely orange and red swirl color.  The scent is very light, and the soap does not dry my skin in the least bit.

I also ordered the bay rose soap, which smells so romantic, and the pretty pink color and crushed rose petals in the mix make for a gorgeous soap.  I tucked this one into my unmentionables drawer for a bit until I was ready to use it, and the scent is to die for.  Aside from the rose, this soap also contains bay and eucalyptus  essential oils.  The price for a 5 ounce bar varies from $4 for the carrot tomato, to $5 to $5.50 for other soaps.

Of course, I had to have more!  Stephanie at Theraganics offers a three for deal–three soaps of your choice to $13, which a big savings!  So, I placed an order for the patchouli black tea sopa, the frankincense and myrrh soap, and the orange, cinnamon, clove soap.  All are beautiful in color, scent and design.  I cannot wait to try them.  Stephanie was clearing out summer stock so she tossed in a bar of bergamot grapefruit soap, too!  What a deal!

Now, these spectacular soaps scent my undies drawer as I enjoy the bay rose soap.  I am going to add at this point, that I tried another soap from another Etsy seller during this time, one that uses fragrance oils–got it for my son.  The Theraganics bars are very, very long lasting in comparison!  These are not like the soaps you buy at the store.  These are truly skin loving, natural soaps that are a sensual delight to use.

Theraganics also makes a very popular French clay and green tea soap.  Stephanie sent a sample, and I cannot wait until it is available again.  She also sent samples for coming attractions soap–the outdoorsy North woods soap, perfect for the fellas, and the delightful lemon peel soap.  Can you guess what I will be using as stocking stuffers this Christmas?

As you can see, I am sold, and a new devotee to Theraganics saps–my new obsession!  Give the must-have soaps a whirl and I bet that you will become a lather loving devotee, too!


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