Pure Pleasure Pumpkin Facial Peel Mask-Delicious Enzyme Power!

Well, I finally did it. I was able to find some canned pumpkin at the grocery store last night. Imagine my delight! Not only did thoughts of baked goods dance through my head, but the thought of a dreamy pumpkin enzyme facial mask thrilled me! This morning, my dreams became a reality.

Pumpkin is a powerhouse food. It contains a plethora of vitamins and nutrients that do wonders for a body when eaten. The deep orange color alone, lets you know that pumpkin is very high in beta carotene, and alpha carotene. Add to the, the alpha hydroxy acid/enzymes, a high vitamin C and vitamin E content, as well as lutein and you can quickly see why this Fall squash is good for your skin, too–even when smeared onto it, and not eaten.

Pumpkin is very hydrating to the skin when applied topically, and a pumpkin peel facial mask with produce and instant radiance, as well as softening any fine lines you might have. You can buy a pumpkin peel facial mask. June Jacobs makes one, and it only costs $78 for a 4 ounce jar-ouch! Or you can make your own, as I did this morning. Here is the recipe that I came up with…

I used three tablespoons of canned pumpkin puree, and to that I added some brown sugar, which is also an alpha hydroxy acid–those great chemical exfoliants. I then added a teaspoon of honey, a natural humectant, to lock in moisture, and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to increase the vitamin C content. A teaspoon of cream, with it’s lactic acid, and a goodly sprinkling of cinnamon completed the mask.

I applied a fairly thick layer to my face and left it on for twenty minutes–this is a sticky mask, ladies. I then put on another layer and went and made the beds. Once that chore was done, I rinses the mask off using a wash cloth and warm water. Oh, my, does my face glow! It is soft as a baby’s bottom, and the fine lines around my eyes are visibly softened. They are still there, but much less apparent. This is what I have been waiting for, and why I have been so upset about the pumpkin shortage. This year I stock up!

To seal the deal, the scent of this facial mask is purely heavenly. It smells just like pumpkin pie, and it is warm, and homey, and deliciously relaxing. A decidedly good treat on a cold, rainy morning. After I rinsed the mask off, I moisturized as usual, then marveled at my skins appearance again. In fact, it’s been 30 minutes or so since I removed the mask, and after another trip to the bathroom, my skin is still glowing, and my fine lines remarkably less noticible.

So, run, don’t walk, to the supermarket and grab as many cans of pumpkins as you can, in all good conscious. Then whip up your own pumpkin enzyme facial mask and create your own little piece of Autumn heaven. This mask is mild, so go ahead and use it two or three times a week!


Addition:  If you like this pumpkin facial peel mask, you will love this most current favorite of mine, the Pumpkin Apple Facial Peel Mask!   Take a look at it, as it is a beauty!


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