Do Not “Fall” into a Bad Habit–Are You Drinking Enough Water to Keep Your Skin Happy?

Today I looked into the mirror, and my face looked shriveled up.  It was not quite the dried apple doll look, but it was a reminder to me that just because it is no longer hot outside that I still need to drink my water.  I have been aware of this for a week or so now, but my best intentions to drink more have fallen flat, and my skin shows it.  How is your Fall fluid intake going?

Have you ever been in the hospital and needed an IV?  Aside from all of the peeing that you needed to do because of the fluids being pumped into you, did you notice anything else?  When I had my son almost 5 years ago, I ended up needing a C-section, and this after giving birth naturally to 6 children, including twins.  But, I digress…

Of course, I needed to have an IV and at some point after they yanked my big headed baby out, and I had gotten over being drugged out of my gourd, I noticed that the skin on my hands looked plump, and down right youngish!  What a revelation–getting enough fluids really does improve the way your skin looks!

In the nursing/medical world, we have a little test that we do to determine if a person is dehydrated.  It is called checking the skin turgor–springiness.  You do not have to be a nurse to do this test on yourself.  Just lay your hand down on your lap, or table and once it is relaxed, pinch up a bit of the skin on the top and see how long it takes to snap back.  It should snap back almost instantly.  of course, as we aged, our skin gets a bit less elastic, and snappy, but if the skin takes seconds to return to it usual position, then you probably are not drinking enough–unless you are in your 70’s and 80’s.

Another way to determine your hydration is the color of your pee.  If you are getting enough to drink, your urine should be very pale yellow–not deep, canary yellow, and certainly not amber.  I have had some canaries in my toilet recently, and they need to go down!  It’s an easy fix-drink and drink until your urine is that very pale yellow.

Keep a bottle, of glass of water always with you, and actually drink it.  The heat may not be leaving you thirsty as it was during the hot days off summer, but your body still needs it’s thirst quenched.  Drink green tea if your crave a warm drink.  Stay way from too much caffeine, either in the form of a double latte, or pop.  A cup of coffee a day is good for you, and chock full of antioxidants, beyond that, it is dehydrating.

Now, go forth and drink!  Oh, and booze is dehydrating, too, so take it easy there.  If you do not like water, find a way to dress it up with lemon or lime juice, and you’ll be adding that wonder vitamin C to your day, too!  Bottoms up!


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