What do you do when you get the skin care “lazies?”

Yes, this is a serious question, and I hope to get some comments.  Do you ever get a case of the skin care lazies?  A period of time when you simply do not feel like doing much of anything with regards to your skin care?  Sure, you wash, and moisturize, but beyond that, you just are not feeling it?

If you get the skin care lazies–the skin care blues, is what I am feeling–what do you do to pick yourself up and get back on track?  How many days without makeup is acceptable?  Do you feel guilty for not exfoliating liked you should, even though you know it won’t take much time at all.  Do the skin care lazies signal something deeper?  Maybe an overall case of the blues, or are you more distracted, preoccupied, and flat out busy?  Or, is it all of the above?

Do you go with it for a time, then adopt the Nike attitude-“Just Do It?”  And what does it mean if the symptoms of this dread illness come and go?  I know sometimes I need a vacation from my computer, and I may not get it, but I need it anyway.  Skin care can be pampering, and it can become a daily drudge, too.  How do you go about ramping up the pampering, and drowning the drudge?  A new product?  A new routine?  A date to lure yourself out of the doldrums?

Hmmm…  I know that this is pretty deep stuff for a Sunday night, and maybe no one else even gets the skin care lazies.  I suspect that if I get off of this machine, get to bed sooner rather than later, and Nike it tomorrow, no matter how lazy I am feeling, I will probably power my way through the skin care blues–for tomorrow anyway.  And, with hope, getting back on track, one day at a time, will boost my overall cheeriness. Yes, that is it!  I will be back tomorrow, and more chipper.  After all, tomorrow is another day!  😉  Night night!


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