I am back! With a review for you, too! Lucy Minerals Redo

All that I can say is, Oy! What a summer!  And I do not mean that in a good way!  However, all of the turmoil has ended, as has my nomadic existence.  My son and I are in a lovely little cottage right on a lake, with our own little beach.  It’s heaven, and the perfect size.  Enough with the personal stuff, but I do apologize for my absence, as this little blog was one of my greatest concerns.

Out of touch though I may have been, I did not rest on my laurels during that time.  I have been testing products galore, retesting some, now that it is Fall, and whipping up new skin care recipe, all of which I am dying to share with you.  I can also share my dismay and sadness over the canned pumpkin crisis!  It is no where to be found, and what is Fall with out pumpkin bread and cookies, and a sweet pumpkin enzyme mask ala June Jacobs, only a whole lot cheaper.

Word to the wise-go buy a few of those little sugar pie pumpkins.  Use them as household, seasonal decor, and then cook them up, and puree for those pies, and bread and cookies, and set aside one or two just for facial masks!  Now that I have rambled on about squash, on with the show.

I have already reviewed Lucy Minerals foundation, which contains the powerful anti-oxidant, coffeeberry.  I liked it, but never felt that I found the right color, so I decided to take advantage of the ample $1.50 samples to give it another go.  I ordered foundation samples-bisque and shell beige- , the finishing power, and a couple of blush samples-the petal blush, and sweet cheeks.  Annie Langguth was kind enough to toss on three eye shadow samples, another blush, matte apricot, and a liner sample, and I am in love, all around!

To begin, since I ordered this last batch of samples, she has added color swatches to her site, and that is terrific for those who do not like ordering “blind.”  Secondly, she ships fast, and shipping is free!  You can’t beat that.  Add to that, the coffeeberry in the foundation, and what is not to like.  Well, there was something that I didn’t like 100% after my first sample, but I am sold now.

I have found the right foundation shade, which for me, is bisque.  The addition of the finishing power really does ‘seal the deal.”  Of the three blush that I tired this time, and the one that I had from my first go round, I really like the petal blush, and the sweet cheeks.  The petal blush may be a bit light for me, but another layer takes care of that.  Now that I see the hyacinth, I am dying to try that blush!

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know how I love Aromaleigh mineral makeup, and that is a lifelong love.  You might also know that I collect eye shadows, and since Aromaleigh has sooo many colors, and all of the limited edition collections, such as the Les Pallions collection right now—talk about color!  I felt a bit like a traitor even trying on another type of eye shadow than one from Aromaleigh, and Kristen Bell.  But, I fell in love with all of the samples Annie sent me.  The golden teal is a lovely shimmer that looks great on 50 year old eyes, as does the driftwood shadow–they pair up well, and when the teal eye liner is added, it is a great look that will work for any age eye color lover.  The wine eye shadow is also a lovely color, and since I lean towards wine/pink toned eye shadows, it is perfect.

What’s more,whenever I go out in Lucy Minerals foundation, blush and finishing powder, this is what I hear over and over, “You look Great!  No, I mean it!  You really look terrific!”  I am not bragging, but damn, that is nice to hear, especially when whoever keeps pausing mid conversation to repeat the compliments.  Even my Aveda stylish, fashionista daughter said to me, “Hey, your make up looks really good lately.”  Now, I mix it up still with the eye shadows, so sometimes it’s Aromaleigh, sometimes it is a Lucy Minerals combo, or like today–I mixed it up a little.  This is what has cinched the deal.

So, I have decided that I can make room in my life, and heart, for two independent mineral makeup companies, each run by wonderful, strong, and creative women.  Since it is my goal to bring to light as many independent, woman owned and operated, natural skincare and makeup companies, my heart is just going to keep growing, and adding new loves.

Foundation and finishing powder are $14 at Lucy Minerals, and Blushes are $10.  Eye shadows and liners are $7, so the prices are right, just like Aromaleigh.  I will be ordering a full sized foundation and blush in the next few days–we’ll see about the other stuff.  Now, I just wish I knew what that hyacinth blush would look like on me.

And it is a wrap for tonight!  I am back and badder than ever–looking good, too!


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