Cuckoo For Cocoa–Chocolate Cocoa Facial Mask! Yummy!

I have returned to living the life of a vagabond, sooner than I had expected.  This has left me toting various food staples that I have no use for, such as unsweetened cocoa.  Now, you know me.  I am always looking for something to smear onto my face, so imagine my surprise when a little researched told me that cocoa skin care may just be the next craze in skin care products.

I already knew that dark chocolate is full of beneficial anti-oxidants and flavonoids that google up those nasty free radicals that result from the sun, smoking, pollution, and stress.  And all women know that a bit of chocolate can relieve a whole world of problems.  That ingredient in chocolate that helps us feel good and relax has also been shown to relax skin, in a botox-like way, when applied to the skin regularly.  One study done recently had women apply a cocoa based cream around their eyes for 28 days, and 95% of the study participants saw a relaxation it the wrinkles around their eyes!  Wow!

So, now we now know that eating dark chocolate is good for us, and that it is also good to smear it on our faces!  A double delight for your skin!  I do not have access to this magic cocoa based cream, but I do have access to cocoa, so here comes a recipe for a yummy, chocolatey cocoa facial mask that will leave your skin soft, and smells delicious!  This mask is so gentle that you could use it daily, even as a spot mask around your eyes, and do your own little wrinkle relaxation experiment.

You will need some unsweetened cocoa, found in the baking aisle, honey, and cream.  If you want to get really decadent and fancy, add some mashed raspberries, or strawberries and then you will get those exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids.  Anyway, back to the basic cocoa mask recipe.  Mix together the unsweetened cocoa with enough homey, and cream, to make a smooth paste.  I suggest 3 tablespoons of cocoa with 1 teaspoon each of honey and cream, but you can make it as thick or thin as you’d like.  Apply it to your face, and relax, inhaling deeply so that the scent takes you away.  Leave it on for 20 minutes or so, then rinse with warm water.  Or, have someone lick it off…  It’s up to you!  Either way, enjoy this cocoa mask as often as you need a little lift!


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