Review: Garden Of Wisdom Cloudberry Antioxidant Serum

It’s time for another review!  After my great success with the Garden of Wisdom Summer Coffeeberry antioxidant serum, I decided that I would give a different serum a try, and I chose the Garden of Wisdom cloudberry antioxidant serum.  This serum contains green coffee extract, coffeeberry extract, aloe, hyaluronic acid, and cloudberry extract, of course.

This serum has a thin consistency and goes on smoothly and nicely on a clean face.  It has a scent which I have not been able to pinpoint, but the product description says that it is a watermelon and apple scent.  It is a pale amber in color and it soaks quickly into your skin.

Now, I really wanted to like this serum as much as the Summer serum, but I just do not.  There is nothing wrong this serum, though the scent bugs me at time, and many people have given it good reviews on the Garden of Wisdom site.  I am sure that it is very good for my skin, however, it does not seem to have the same wonderful effect that the coffeeberry rich Summer Serum did.  The Summer Serum seemed to shrink my pores while it nourished my skin, and for me, the results were just more visible, and I like visible.

Were I to choose to buy a full size of one or the other right now, it would be the Summer Serum over the Cloudberry serum without hesitation.  Keep in mind my oily skin while reading this review, as for someone else whose skin is not so oily, this serum might be prefect.  As they say, your mileage may vary.

Now I am trying to decide what to do next.  Do I sample another anti-oxidant serum, or tonic, or do I buy a full sized Summer Serum?  I do know that I am ordering a full sized cucumber melon hyaluronic acid serum, which is supposed to be good for mature skin, have a tightening effect, and and is antioxidant, full of vitamins A and C.  It probably smells really good, too.  I figure that since I love the cucumber hyaluronic acid serum so much, that the addition of the melon and the anti-oxidants that brings, will be just what I need.

Also, currently in my shopping cart is the heather blossom anti-oxidant tonic, which can be used as a toner.  It apparently works as an anti-oxidant, and exfoliant (It contains the alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid), and a skin revitalizer.  It has gotten super reviews and it smells pretty, too.

And, I am fixing to try another antioxidant serum, the Sebum Control Serum.  This anti-oxidant serum is designed for those of us with oily skin, and acne prone skin.  It contains green tea, hyaluronic acid, jojoba protien, All-Trans retinol, and anti-aging ingredient, and argania spinosa extract, which is the sebum, or oil control ingredient.  This serum gets very high makes from the shiny, oily skin folk who have tired it, and since my shine has been blinding the last few days, even after using my mineral makeup, I will give this one a go, as if it works, my oldest daughter will want to try it, too.

That is my review of the Garden of Wisdom cloudberry anti-oxidant serum, and a lot of other information thrown in, too.  I hope to have a DIY natural skin care recipe for you tomorrow.  Have a great night!


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