Curly, Frizzy Hair–Going Coconuts!~ Or Olive OIl To The Rescue

Oh Lordy!  The last several days here in Maine have been HOT, and with dew points in the 70+ range, the air is saturated to the point of being extremely uncomfortable.  In other words, it has been humid as hell.

I have curly hair, and I like it. It is curly to the point of little ringlets in the front and on the sides, and more wavy in the back.  Since, I an lazy, I do not try to blow dry it into submission, nor do I use a flat iron on it.  It weather like this, it gets curlier, but frizzy, too!  Were I to brush it, as I do before I wash it, my hair looks like a big puff ball.   Thankfully, my youngest daughter, who is an Aveda stylist had the time to give it a cut the other day that shaped it up, but the frizz remains.

Of course, I have tried all manner of products.  I love the Aveda “Be Curly” curl enhancing cream as a styling product, as it is natural, and it works.  But it needs something more.  Since curly hair is almost always dry, and often fine, as is the case on both counts for me, I need something gentle, but extra moisturizing.

I do follow the rules for curly hair.  I do not wash it every day, but rather every two or three days, and I always condition, but I am (again) lazy when it comes to deep conditioning.  I could use those hot oil treatments that they sell at the drug store, but why, when I have the perfect curly hair taming oils right here at home?

What oils, you ask?  Either coconut oil or olive oil deep conditioning treatments are supposed to work wonders for curly, frizzy hair.  What type of oil you use it up to you, and what you have at home.  In most cases, it will be olive oil.  If you have coconut oil, then go a little exotic and use that.  Remember that coconut oil is solid at normal room temperature, so either microwave it a bit, or set it out in the heat and sun to get it liquid.

The best time to use this at home, curl taming, oil treatment is at bed time.  Wash your hair lightly, or dampen it, then apply a hand full of olive oil or coconut oil, and massage it in well.  Wrap you head in platic wrap, top with a shower cap, and sleep on it.  When you get up, shampoo your hair lightly, but well enough to get the oily stuff out of it, then style as you would–the best way to dry curly hair is to air dry it until it is completely dry, then separate the curls with your fingers.  See why this is a weekend undertaking?

If you have very fine hair, as I do, and think that an overnight treatment might be a bit too long to leave the coconut or olive oil on your hair, then do as directed above, but leave it on for two or three hours, and then wash and dry.  This is what I will be doing later today–probably this evening, as I have no plans other than vegging out.

Let’s all of us who have no plans, and curly, frizzy hair, give our poor hair a treat tonight, and deep condition with coconut or olive oil.  I will report back tomorrow, and I hope that you will too!  Drop a comment on what type of oil you used, how long you left in on, and the results that you got.  I cannot wait to hear from you!


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