Stress And Your Skin: It Really IS Written All Over Your Face

We’ve all heard the expression. It usually goes something like this: Person A “You must be tired/sad/angry/stressed/” Person B, “Why do you say that?” persona A “it’s written all over your face.” And in most cases, it is. And, the writing can cause wrinkles and fine lines and other sorts of things.

The last couple of years have been extremely stressful for me, both emotionally and physically. I told someone last year that I had looked in the mirror and it appeared as though I had aged 5 years in a month. Of course, the person listening to be tried to reassure me that it wasn’t true, as most would, but pictures of me during that time bear out that I did look old and tired and haggard.  The daily, never ending, overwhelming stress of my life truly was written all over my face and looking older certainly didn’t help much to reduce that stress!

So, finally, a month ago I made the decision to get the heck away from the nasty situation.  I had actually made the decision mentally a month before and my appearance began to improve then.  Pictures of me taken since I left  stress and unhappiness central show a vibrant woman with healthy, glowing skin.  I actually think that I now look a tad bit younger than my actual age, but I could be deluding myself 😉

I did begin using the marvelous Garden of Wisdom products at roughly the same time, but I cannot attribute all of the changed in my appearance to the products, as so much of it comes from within.  And people DO notice my new and improved, relatively stress free face and skin.  I am not breaking out all over.  My color is healthy, and I look fairly radiant.

A little stress can be a good thing, as it motivates us.  A lot of stress takes a toll on every organ in your body, and your skin is your largest organ.  A lot of stress can make you sick, make you eat too much of the wrong types of food.  A lot of stress can rob your of needed sleep, and can cause you to produce hormones that may increase the toxic fat around your middle, or make it impossible to lose.  A lot of stress can kill you.

Most people think that they are just trapped in whatever terribly stress inducing situation that they are in, whether it be a bad job, and an abusive relationship.  If you simply cannot get out of your extremely stressful situation, ask for help, and make it a top priority to do what it takes to reduce your stress load considerably.  You will feel so much better, and your body and skin, and family will thank you.  Your new found happiness and lightness will then be written all over your face, and that is something everyone loves to see!

No situation is impossible!  Do not let an overdeveloped sense of responsibility keep you in a situation that, in the end, just might kill you.  Food for thought,  and your body, mind and spirit.  Life is too short…


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