SkinJourney Anniversary Sale on, Through August, 9th!

Hi again!  Twice in one day, huh?  But, this is just a quickie, which is better than nothing.  

I recently ordered a sample of the DMAE, Carrot Seed Oil, Squalane Oil serum from SkinJourney, an etsy shop.  I have been trying it out for less than a week and I love it!  It soaks in so fast, no greasiness, and you can feel the tightening, and SEE it!  I was surprised when it first arrived, as it is called a serum, but it looks like a cream, and goes on like a cream.  I emailed SkinJourney, and this is because carrot seed oil is hard to emulsifiy, hence the cream consistency.

At any rate, SkinJourney is having an anniversary sale through August, 9th, to celebrate their 3rd year selling on  This sale is great, with 30% off regularly priced items!  Who can resist that, so I purchased a full size of the DMAE, Carrot Seed, Olive Squalane serum.  If I decided to buy a full size after using a new product for such a short time, I must really like it, so take a look at SkinJourney, on!


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