Garden of Wisdom Hyaluronic, Summer, and DMAE Serums ARE Working! It’s not all in my head..

You know how it is when people see you every day?  They don’t notice the little changes, like weight loss, or change in skin appearance, because they DO see you day after day.  And, so this is how it has been with me and my use of the five serums that I ordered from Garden of Wisdom–the three hyaluronic acid serums, cucumber, white peony tea, and autumn berry, as well as the coffeeberry packed Summer serum, and the fantastic DMAE serum. all of which I have been using a couple of days shy of two weeks.  

I have been thinking that there have been some mighty remarkable changes in my skin, such as smaller pore size, firmer skin around the eyes, and an improvement in fine lines around my mouth.  I also have stopped breaking out with those small, annoying pimples, and I just had been thinking that my skin looked much healthier overall.  But, no one was backing me up, so I wondered if it was my imagination, or wishful thinking.

Well, yesterday I saw a friend who I last saw right before I my Garden of Wisdom sample products arrived, and began to use them.  She immediately told me that I looked great, right off.  Then she went on to say that, to be precise, my skin looked absolutely terrific–much different than two weeks ago.  Aha!  I had my validation that these products really ARE working!  I am always glad when it is confirmed that I am not delusional 😉

This is how I have been using the Garden of Wisdom serums:  In the morning, I cleanse, and exfoliate a few times a week.  I have then been applying the cucumber hyaluronic acid serum, and letting it soak in, then I apply the Summer serum, and finally the real beauty, the DMAE serum.  Then I put on my mineral makeup.  At night, on clean skin, I have been using either the white peony tea serum, or the autumn berry hyaluronic acids serum, both of which are chock full of anti-oxidants.  I them use the Summer serum again, and the DMAE serum because I just love to watch it work!  I then apply a night cream, which I will talk about soon.

These are generous samples, the hyaluronic acid serums are .5 ounces, and since I have three types, I have a lot left.  Plus, a pea size amount goes a really long way.  I probably have 1/4 of a .25 ounce bottle left-this is a very thick serum, and the .25 ounce sample of the DMAE serum is getting close to being gone, but there are certainly a few applications left.

I would highly recommend any, and all, of these serums.  I also recommend that you do order samples of any of the many finished products they offer, for, as they say, your mileage may vary.  I will be ordering full sizes of some of these serums, as money allows. The Summer serum for certain.  Also, I am sampling a few other products made by small, independent, people,or companies, and one is another DMAE serum/cream with olive squalane oil, and carrot seed oil, that I just began using.  So, I will need to see which I like better.  Decisions, decisions–but, i do all of this testing for you, dear readers!  What a burden…;-)


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