Cool as a Cucumber Skin Tightening Natural Beauty-Perfect for Summer

One of the hyaluronic acid serums that I am trying out contains cucumber extract, to help tighten the skin.  However, you do not need to buy a beauty or skin care product with cucumber extract to reap the benefits of cucumber.  Why not go right to the source?  Use and actual, live cucumber.  If you can, choose an organic cucumber, as most grocery store cukes are coated with a waxy to keep them fresh and looking pretty.  

The simplest way to use a cucumber as an easy skin care treatment is to slice a fresh, cold cucumber, and rub the slices over your face.  The cucumber juice, which is mostly water, will hydrate, and cucumber juice has plenty of vitamin C, the anti-oxidant.  There is no need to rinse the cucumber juice off of your face, and you can rub a cucumber slice over your face throughout the day.  This feel great on a hot day, when you are going makeup free!

The old trick of the slices of cucumbers over your eyes is still fresh.  Laying down and resting with a cool cucumber slice over each eye is a wonderful way to reduce under eye circles, and puffiness.  A cucumber eye treatment also works wonders after you’ve had a good cry!  Put on the face mask of your choice, or use a mask of pureed cucumber mixed with honey and an egg white, and you will be treating your entire face.  

In the sweltering heat of mid-summer, a cool cucumber face and eye treatment can have you feeling fresh and a daisy in no time flat.  The face tightening is just a nice little extra!  Go slice a cucumber right now!


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