Review: Garden of Wisdom DMAE Serum

Among the five Garden of Wisdom products that I have been sampling for 8 days now is a super DMAE serum, that is in a smooth, seamoliant and hyaluronic acid base, along with vitamin C, vitamin E, rooibos extract, wild berry extract and other good things.  I LOVE this serum!  I have been using it in the morning, after applying the cucumber hyaluronic acid serum, and the GoW Summer Serum.  At night, I apply it after an anti-oxidant HA serum, like the white peony tea serum.  

This wonderful DMAE serum is amber in color and because of the seamolient, made from sea weed, it does have a bit of a fishy scent that goes away quickly.  This DMAE serum is thin, and goes on smoothly.  It soaks into your face and within moments, you can feel the tightening effect.  I can apply this DMAE serum thinking that I look like death, and 5 minutes later, I can look at myself in the mirror again and feel that I look pretty darned good. 

This serum works wonders for fine lines around the eyes, and the mouth.  Since I have both, the improvement, while not dramatic, is noticeable enough for me to see a truly positive improvement.  My mineral makeup foundation goes on beautifully over the serum, and there is no stickiness, or rolling off during the day.

DMAE is an organic compound that is found in the human brain in small amounts, and in much higher amounts in certain fish, like sardines.  DMAE is often taken as a supplement to enhance memory and brain function.  It is also thought to help with depression.  

Dr. Nicholas Perricone has been spreading the news about the “face lifting effect” of DMAE in skin care products, and his products contain DMAE–they are very expensive, too!  No one really knows how DMAE works to tighten the skin, and so say that DMAE causes skin damage, though not a great amount, so there is much debate.  However, DMAE has been used in skin care products safely, so the jury is still out.  There is an excellent article on DMAE on the Garden of Wisdom site, linked under the DMAE serum.  It explains everything much better than I can!

Anyway, I truly do adore this serum, but my sample won’t last forever, and in the meantime, I have a sample of another serum from an etsy seller whose name is SkinJourney.  This DMAE serum has squalene oil and other goodies, so I am going to try them both before I make a final decision on which I want to buy a full size of.  It is up to you to decide if a DMAE containing, natural skin care product is for you, but for me, the answer is “Yes!”


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