Strawberry Juice For Spots and Acne–More “On the Road” Beauty

 When a person has been stuck in a motel room with a bored 4.5 year old, while it rains day after day, preventing you from pool and playground use, your mind starts to take you to odd places.  The other night, he and I were eating fresh strawberries, and they were the best that I have had all summer–juicy and ripe!  We were watching TV, and it was later in the evening, so my night time skin care regimen was on my mind.

As I have mentioned in the past few days, I have been plagued by several, small pimples that keep popping up on my generally clear skin.  Well, it has been a parade of one spot after another, most of them around my mouth and cheek areas.  I have been attributing these pimples to stress and perimenopause.  At any rate, as we sat there eating these delicious strawberries, I wondered what would happen if I didn’t mash up the strawberries, and add various things, to use on my face.

 I picked up one hull with some strawberry still on it and began to rub it over my face.  I did this with several other mostly eaten strawberries, then I just let the juice sit on my face for about 45 minutes, as we were in the middle of a show.  My son thought that I was scratched and bleeding, he relaxed with time.  When I rinsed the juice off of my face, it felt extremely smooth and looked radiant.  The hyaluronic acid serum serum, and DMAE serums that I put on after sunk in so quickly, and seemed to go to work faster, and the resulting positive actions of the skin care serums seemed pumped up.  It was terrific!

Now comes the icky part.  I had one small pimple that was ripe, so to speak, and I very carefully and gently expressed it, know that you are mot suppose to do that.  I thought to myself, “You’re going to regret having done that in the morning,” thinking that the spot would be back and worse.  Well, when I woke up n the morning, it was nearly healed!  It was just barely pink, and it looked and felt like I had never had a zit there.  I was totally amazed!

Besides powerful antioxidants, strawberries contain salicylic acid, a very effective acne treatment.  Yes, I know that I do keep bringing this up.  Aspirin is made from salicylic acid, which is way aspirin masks are so popular, especially when mixed with aloe vera-another salicylic acid containing plant.  In the 1.5 days since I did my strawberry juice experiment, no more of the little buggers-pimples- have raised their ugly heads!  

How simple is that?  You get to eat something that is good for you and your skin, a great summer food treat, and you can treat your acne while you eat your strawberries!  No waste, right?  I shall continue to eat my strawberries, and rub them all over my face, too.  I hope that you will try this neat, little trick.  Just warn any people in the vicinity first, lest they think that your face is bleeding, too.


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