Quick Poll: Emu Oil Versus Olive Squalane Oil

Hey all–  My quest for the perfect, oil based moisturizer has left me questioning a few things.  Some people swear by emu oil as the cure-all, anti-aging, miracle oil.  Other people say the same thing about olive squalane oil.  Both have similar properties, softening wrinkles, soothing and relieving skin conditions like eczema, and acting as an anti-bacterial.  Both absorb quickly, and both help heal cracked skin and so forth.  However, olive squalane oil comes from olives, and emu oil comes fro, well, emus, which are birds.

I have found creams and serums with each type of oil, and one cream with both types of oil.  I do not mind the thought of an olive being squeezed for my face oil, but the thought of an emu squeezed or my face oil kind of gives me the heebie geebies.  While I do not eat a lot of meant, I am not a vegetarian, or a vegan, but I do like my skin care products plant based.

So, what do you all think, and what experiences have you had with either emu oil, or olive squalane oil?  When you look for natural skin care products, do you want then to be vegan, or at least all plant based?  And, while I am at it, I have found a wonderful looking, plant based, face cream, but it contains one non-natural, synthetic ingredient said to be the end all and be all in wrinkle treatments.  Would you allow one synthetic ingredient in the name of beauty?  

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  As usual, tomorrow will be busy, so if I don’t post, well, I don’t post.  Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Quick Poll: Emu Oil Versus Olive Squalane Oil

  1. I’m a bit biased working for http://www.emu-oil-well.com. However, I’d say emu, my knowledge of squalane oil is limited as the the properties. But I used to use it as a moisturiser (in cream format) then when I came to this job started using Emu skin cream and I prefer it.

  2. Squalane is present in human bodies that aids in guarding the skin. It has many health benefits like, it rejuvenate, nurture, moisturise and increase oxygen supply to the skin. It is non-greasy version of moisturisers, repairs cracks. It relieves skin eruptions, pigmentation, dryness, eczema etc.

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