Review: Garden of Wisdom Summer Serum With Coffeeberry

I received my Garden of Wisdom order on Saturday, so I started testing the products on a clean face, Saturday night.  If I were a good girl, I would try them all one by one for a proper review, but I am not a good girl, I guess 😉  I have been using the Summer Serum at night, under a night cream, and over the Garden of Wisdom White Peony Tea hyaluronic acid serum.

The Summer Serum comes in a squeeze dropper bottle, and it is a light amber in color.  This serum contains 5% coffeeberry extract, the strongest available, according to GoW.  It goes on it goes on very smoothly, and since it is a water based serum, with hyaluronic acid, that moisture magnet, it is not greasy in the least–perfect for oily and acne prone skin  I use between a pean and dime size amount, so a little dab will do ya.  It soaks in, and dries very quickly, and does not leave a tacky feeling on your skin.

 It also does roll–you know the skin care products that I am talking about, especially serums.  You apply them to your face, and they sit on top, and if your run your fingers over your face later, the products rolls off in little bitty balls.  Well, I hate that!  The Garden of Wisdom Summer Serum does not roll off, nor do any of the other GoW serums that I am currently testing.

This serum leaves your face feeling soft, and clean.  I love that I can put the summer serum on and still feel like I have a clean face, since I am the peak of my summer oiliness and the humidity isn’t helping much.  I think that my oldest daughter, who constantly frets over her oily, shiny, acne prone skin, would love this product all by itself to protect and moisturize without the oil.  At my age, I need to add something with oil over the top at night.  She’s nearly 25, so it’s time that she starts adding some anti-oxidants to her regimen.  

She’s way ahead of me for her age, having used a very strong sunscreen on her face all of her life,  She is very fair skinned.  Back in my day, we were too dumb to know any better, and no one told us about sun damage until we all had, and have, it.  By then, it was too late.  Yes, this is my warning to you:  Wear Your Sunscreen!  No less than an spf 15 before you even step outside to walk to the mailbox.  But, I digress…

It’s a bit early to tell if this serum is have a deeper impact, but so far, I am very happy with the Summer Serum.  I am happy with the feel and texture, and thrilled that I am putting a nice, strong anti-oxidant serum on my face now.  I will be reviewing another GoW serum in a day or two.  I haven’t decided which one yet, and I like to remain a bit mysterious…

I am still hunting for the perfect face cream or oil.  I adore my olive oil, but for day time it is too heavy.  I am leaning towards something with olive squalane, and I have found some enticing, natural squalane skin care products on  We will talk a bit more about the miracle, squalane, tomorrow, I hope.  Maybe by then I will have made a decision!  But, for now, this is the Natural Beauty Lady, still on the road, signing off for now.


One thought on “Review: Garden of Wisdom Summer Serum With Coffeeberry

  1. Squalane is present in human bodies that aids in guarding the skin. It has many health benefits like, it rejuvenate, nurture, moisturise and increase oxygen supply to the skin. It is non-greasy version of moisturisers, repairs cracks. It relieves skin eruptions, pigmentation, dryness, eczema etc.

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