Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie Face Mask–On the Road Skin Care

I find myself unexpectedly away from home, away from my kitchen cupboards and food processor.  This little “vacation” is needed, but the stress behind it has left me looking limp.  And I turned 50 yesterday!  Add to that, I suddenly have about 4 bumps/pimples/zits.  Not whiteheads, just those samall, red, under the skin pimples.  Argh!  

I suppose this may be the edge of menopause sneaking in–I am not hot flashing, and my period, while not as “clock work” as it used to be, still comes about once a month, or so.  However, I know that perimenopause has begun, and my skin is showing it.  I remember my mother complaining about getting pimples when she was perimenopausal.  It ticked her off to no end to be getting spots and pimples in her 50’s, and I am no happier.  What to do while I am AWOL?

I do have a mini refrigerator in the place where I have landed, and yesterday, upon my arrival, I plugged it in, and put in my fruit and milk, and yogurt.  This morning, I woke up to frozen milk and strawberries.  I turned down the fridge, and all is thawed, but the strawberries got quite mushy.  I don’t mind them,but my 4 year old was not going to eat mushy strawberries!  This is really rather fortuitous!

Mushy strawberries mash up pretty easily, and that is good, since I am sans food processor.  Since strawberries contain some salicylic acid, a wonderful acne treatment, as well as those alpha hydroxy fruit acid, I decided to mash up my mushy strawberries to use on my face.  So, mashed them I did, and added a bit of yogurt for the lactic acid, another AHA exfoliant, and to create a texture that I liked.  It was not quite a real smoothie, but in a pinch, it spread easily on my face and smelled lovely!  I let the mask stay on about 20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water.  My skin feels much softer, and I am hoping that these spots will be on the way soon.  

Afterwards, I applied some of the Garden of Wisdom white peony tea hyaluronic acid serum, and some of the Summer serum from Garden of Wisdom–the coffeeberry serum.  I love them both,and will be reviewing them soon, but for those of you worried about putting anything oily on your summer skin, these serums are perfect!  If this spotty skin stays around much longer, I am going to have to figure out how to nourish my skin in a way that won’t encourage these pimples.  Hopefully, a reduction in my stress level will help!

Speaking of spotty, because I am currently away from home, my posting might be a bit like my skin right now.  I am will post as often as I can, and I will probably keep learning new ways to keep my skin glowing naturally while on the road.  For now, I am going back to my search for the perfect face natural face cream.  Night night!


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