Replace A Skin Care Product Scavenger Hunt!

Today I am g0ing you homework. Look through your current, mainstream skin care and cosmetic products–something that contains parabens, mineral oil, formaldehyde, and other words that you cannot pronounce, then pick one–just one–that you can replace with a natural, or organic, skin care counterpart.

This is where the hunt begins! Look online for such natural skin care products. You can check,, and any other of the many small companies, such as Garden of Wisdom or Aromaleigh, that make natural skin care or cosmetic products.

When you have found a natural product that you can use instead of the chemical packed ones that you have been using, report back and leave the name of you old product, the new skin care or cosmetic products that you’ve chosen to replace it with, and the website of where you have found your new, natural skin care, or cosmetic product replacement. Post all of that information as a comment, and then we can all share with each other what we are getting rid of, and where we found the cool, new, natural skin care product that will replace it.

I bet that we can find some extraordinary natural skin care products, wonderful small, independent companies, and probably some peace of mind! Ready, set, go!


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