Olive Oil–Finally an Eye Makeup Remover That Works!

So, this may be old new to some of you, but it’s still new for me, so…

I have never met an eye makeup that I didn’t hate.  I usually just use water, as I never wear waterproof mascara, but recently, with a change in mascara that actually does what it says it will, water hasn’t been enough.  Faced with raccoon eyes after I washed my face at night, I had no choice to grab that bottle of Avon eye makeup remover that has been sitting there forever.  I have used worse, but I still didn’t like it at all.  I think that I am eye makeup remover impaired, as no matter how hard I try, I always get some in my eyes, and it stings like crazy!

Last night, after I had washed my face, there was the raccoon staring at me in the mirror.  As I turned around to go for the Avon eye makeup remover, I saw the bottle of extra virgin olive oil that is always by my sink.  A light bulb went on, and I damped a wad of tissues with the olive oil, and voila!  My eye makeup was completely off, my eyes were not stinging and tearing, and I didn’t feel as if I had bee tugging at the delicate skin around my eye too much.  Plus, I usually put some olive oil around my eyes at night, anyway.

Maybe you all have been using olive oil to remove your eye makeup for years, or some other oil, such as grapeseed oil, or sweet almond oil, but this truly was a new notion to me and it just might be to someone else, too.

If you have any new eye makeup removal ideas, I am always open to learning something new!


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