25% Off-Aromaleigh Hot in the City L.E. Eye Shadow Collection

I have been remiss in telling you all that the new Limited Edition eye shadow collection, Hot in the City, has been released, and is ready to try, and buy. And this is an excellent week to try and buy, as the Hot in the City L.E. collection is 25% off through the 22nd of July! So, get your button clicking finger ready, and pick up a few samples, or a full sized jar or two.

I love that Miss K, creator of Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup always offers samples of every cosmetic product that she makes. When these limited edition eye shadow collections come out, I always try to buy some samples, if I have a little money to throw around. Since these limited editions collections are only around for 4 weeks, I have to time it right, so that I can play with the samples and then decide if I want a full sized jar of any of them.

Last month, with the En Pointe Limited Edition eye shadow collection, I did not have time for samples, so I bought 2 full sized jars without trying first. I adore them all, and I did try a few samples, one of which I wish I had gotten a full size of–ah well.

So, how will I proceed with the Aromaleigh L.E. Hot in the City eye shadow collections. Well, I had told myself, “nothing from this collection!” I told myself this very firmly, and I meant it. While all of the colors look gorgeous, and they are getting rave reviews, many of the eye shadows in this collection are very vivid colors, in tones that do not work well on my cool skin. Also, I just won two Aromaleigh L.E eye shadows from past collections on eBay last week, with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, so..

But, I have seen pictures of some gorgeous looks with the cooler toned shadows, and I am oh so tempted. One thing that I do know, it that I do not need any more purple eye shadows! Nor do I need anymore pinkish one, or mauvey eye shadows. So, I am looking at Asphalt, Concrete Jungle, and Late for Work. Asphalt is an ebony black with pink and gold sparks, Concrete Jungle is a taupe with aqua sparks, and Late for Work is a vibrant blue with blue and green sparkles. And, of course, I am drawn to the mauvey, Hoity Toity, which is a color that I said that I don’t need right?

What to do, what to do… I did just have an unexpected windfall, and there is a new product that I am dying to try, that was just released yesterday, of which I will tell you about soon.

Whatever I decide to do, I will I will keep you posted about it all, as I know that you are dying of curiosity! So, don’t just sit there! Okay, do sit there, but guide your browser over to look at the Aromaleigh Hot in the City eye shadow collection before it is gone!


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