Lucy Minerals Foundation-Mineral Make-up With Anti-Oxidant Coffeeberry

At the start of last week I told you that I was bubbling with excitement because of all of the natural skin care and beauty news and recipes that I had to share with you.  I got a bit sidetracked with 12 unexpected articles to write, and yesterday, my 4 year old son woke up with the tummy flu.  I had not penciled that into me week…  So, I am still bubbling, even if I have not been exuding that aura.

I talked last week about the antioxidant, coffeeberry, which is so very hot in skin care right now.  I also talked about the potent coffeeberry packed, Summer Serum, from Garden of Wisdom.  Since I have a bit of time, and a few dollars in my PayPal account, I will be placing my Garden of Wisdom order today, so that I can start to sample these serums that I keep talking about.

While I have been doing all of the working, combined with a bit of procrastinating, I have also been sampling a new mineral make-up foundation that also contains the wonder anti-oxidant, coffeeberry, as well as vitamin C, and alltoin, for the comfrey plant.  So far, I am really liking it a lot.

Now, you all know how much I adore and love Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up.  I may as well be a spokesperson 😉  However, while I use thier blush, and eye shadows, oh so many eye shadows, as well as eye liner, lipstick, and lip color creams, I have never used Aromaleigh foundation.

This is because I started out with another mineral make-up company, and then bought a huge, one ounce bag of mineral foundation for yet another company, who probably buys it from some other company.  In short, it’s not bad, but not the best.

While I was doing research on coffeeberries and skin care I came upon a site called Lucy Minerals that sells an all natural mineral make-up foundation with anti-oxidants–1% coffeeberry, vitamin C, and soothing, cell proliferating, allatoin.  With samples available for a mere 25 cents, I quickly ordered four shades of foundation, and a blush sample.  I got them a mere 2 days later–not even!

Annie Langguth, an esthetician, is the creator, and formulator of Lucy Mineral Make-up.  She mixes it in small batches, and she is a one person operation.  She sells her mineral make-up to salons and health food stores in Ohio, but she has recently moved to Florida, and has begun to sell her products on the web.  Her mineral make-up does not contain waxes, talc, bismuth oxychloride, fragrance, or preservatives.  No bad parabens, only natural goodness.

Her website does not have pictures of the shades of foundation, so it is super that she offers samples at such a reasonable price.  I chose Shell Beige, Medium Beige, Light Medium Beige, and Soft Beige, as well as a sample of a blush-Coral Seas.  I am a a woman with a cool complexions, so my undertones are pinkish.

None of the sames that I ordered looked like a perfect match, but the Shell Beige and Light Beige do a good job, and after speaking to Annie on the phone yesterday, she told me that letting the foundation sit on your skin for 20 minutes before deciding if a shade is right is the way to go, as a lot changes in those twenty minutes.  She is right, and I do not notice that brown tones after waiting a bit, that I do as I first apply the foundation.

Ann says on her Lucy Minerals site that her mineral make-up foundation is creamy and water resistant.  This is certainly true!  The coverage is much better than I am used to, and a very little goes a long way.  I was curious as to why Lucy Mineral foundation did feel so much creamier and less powdery that other foundations I have tried, so I gave her a call yesterday.

She tells me that she uses a higher zinc oxide content, which would also explain the better coverage and water resistance. Annie also recommends using the finishing powder, which addresses any /color tone issues, and just evens everything out, so I will order a sample of that.  She is a very nice woman, by the way, and ready to answer questions!  Thanks to Annie for her time!

The blush sample that I ordered, the Sea Coral, is lovely with a light shimmer.  It is very highly pigmented, so a tiny dab will be more than enough to give you plenty of pretty cheek color.  This is truly a time when “a little dab will do ya.”

overall, I am very pleased with Lucy Mineral foundation, and I will continue to play with the very generous samples.  I do foresee ordering a full sized jar, which will cost $14, and shipping is free.  I am one week away from 50 years old, so I am happy that I am putting those anti-oxidants on my face with my mineral make-up foundation, and I am pleased with the better coverage, which gives me the flawless look that i have been chasing.  If this sounds like what you are looking for, give Lucy Minerals a try!


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