Super Strength Coffeeberry Skine Care-Garden of Wisdom Summer Serum!

I have been promising to talk about the magical coffeeberry all week, and finally I am getting to it!   Armed with the knowledge that our skin needs all of the anti-oxidants that it can get to ward off the evil influences those nasty free radicals causes by stress, smoking, the sun, pollution, and so forth, we need to take a look at the humble coffeeberry.

In the last couple of years, coffeeberry has become the lasted darling of the skin care and cosmetic industry.  This is because that coffeeberries are overflowing with the anti-oxidants.  In a race, coffeeberries will flat out beat blueberries, green tea, pomegranate, vitamin C, and vitamin E by a huge landslide.  Coffeeberries are the fruit of the coffee plant–the very same plant that produces your morning cup of joe.  However, the coffeeberries are harvested before they ripen, which is when they are at at their peak anti-oxidant wise.

Revaleskin is the premier line of skin care products containing this little miracle called the coffeeberry, and many are thrilled with the results.  However, at $100 a pop for one products, it is a skin care line that is out of reach for many of us.  The good news is that you do not need to shell out that much money for Revaleskin products when there is a natural products containing the strongest amount of coffeeberry, and you can buy it for a song, compared to the price of the Revaleskin line of coffeeberry products.

While I was tooling around the Garden of Wisdom sight, looking at their finished products, and trying to decide which hyaluronic acid serum to choose, goji berry, white peony, Autumn berry, or rooibos hyaluronic acid serum, I came upon a serum called Summer Serum.  This serum is listed under anti-oxidant serums.  The name intrigued me as my skin gets oily in the summer, and if there were a serum designed to be used in the summer to address that problem, I was interested!

It turns out that the Garden of Wisdom Summer Serum is loaded with coffeeberry extract-a whopping 5% strength, which the site says is the “absolute strongest available.”   This Summer coffeeberry serum is getting rave reviews by Garden of Wisdom customers who have tried it.  This anti-oxidant packed, moisturizing serum is said to absorb quickly, and is not sticky, nor does it leave the skin feeling anything but super soft.

Aside from the coffeeberry extract, the serum contains hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract, German chamomile hydrosol, honey, and other good things.  Because this serum is not oil based, it is perfect for those of use with oily or combination skin as it moisturizes without any added oiliness.  users are saying that they are using it in place of their usual hyaluronic acid serums, you know, the goji berry, and other ones that I have been debating over.

A .25 ounce sample costs a mere $5.75, and a full size, one ounce bottle is only $18.05. so I have finally made up my mind to sample this Summer coffee berry serum along with another great looking serum.  I hope to order today so that I can begin my reviews!

I also have another coffeeberry containing natural cosmetic product in hand, and on face, that I am sampling and will review very soon!   Now you all can see why I have been percolating all week 😉  By the way, I am still loving the Pampered Hands Anti-Aging hand Cream with spf 15!


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