Ayelet17 Pampered Hands Cream SPF 15–It has Arrived!

I am grumpy right now as I just spent the last hour trying to get just one of the 26 special n that I, and a group of other writers were offered today.  I write for Associated Content, and every now and again, there are those of us who get offered these special, fairly high paying writing jobs.  Thanks to my 24k, streaming fast dial-up internet connection, I did not get one of the assignments.  Bah!

There just went another three article chances…  We’ve moved from bottle feeding to breastfeeding to bowel issues, and now onto gas in infants.  Who wouldn’t want to write an article or two on those topics?  I am well versed on much of it, either personally or professionally.  Some vultures with high speed internet must be camped out.  Wait, I am camped out, too 😉  I am just handicapped.

Obviously, it is time that I started to regroup, focus on what I do have and what I am grateful for today, or I will go nutty, and I am nutty enough already.  Have I babbled enough, yet?  I think so..,

So, what is the good news?  The good news it that the Pampered Hands Anti-Aging Hand Cream with SPF 15 arrived from seller, ayelet17!  Go check out here etsy shop! I love goodies in the mail, and so far, I love the hand cream too!

As promised, the Pampered Hands Cream with spf 15 is not one bit greasy.  It has a light feel, perfect for day time use, and the cream absorbs very quickly.  My hands feel soft, and I am thrilled that I can now go outside with an all natural spf 15 hand cream on my hands.  The cream smells wonderful, too.  It contains no fragrances, but the babassu oil and the essential oils, such as the organic chamomile give this super hand cream a delicate, fresh, natural scent.  This hand cream is vegan, and contains babassu oil, aloe vera juice, avocado oil, essential oils, plus zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide–the UVA and UVB suncreen ingredients.  Oh, hemp seed oil, too.

So, for $9.95, plus a mere $2.50 in shipping, I have a 3.2 ounce tube of a handmade, super good for your hands, spf 15 hand cream.  I had earlier mistakenly said that the tubes were 2.5 ounces–oops!  Ayalet17 is also a delight to do business with.  She responds to etsy conversations in a timely manner, and she is friendly and down to earth.  I ordered the cream on Monday afternoon, it was shipped Tuesday, and it is here, Thursday.  I love it!

The Pampered Hands Vegan Anti-Aging Hand Cream with SPF 15 also arrived with a gift.  A very generous sample of ayelet17’s Firming Under Eye Cream, and when I say generous, I do mean generous.  I tried the eye cream this morning, before I put on my mineral make-up, and it, too is light as a feather, non-greasy and is fragrance free.  I will let you all know how this cream performs, but so far I am liking it!  This little beauty of a cream contains avocado oil, wheat germ oil, rose hips oil, as well as vitamin E, and the very nourishing and omega fatty acid packed, evening primrose oil.

I am very happy to be able to give my seal of approval to another small, independent maker of natural skin care and beauty products.  Ayelet17 and her products get two thumbs up from me and I am certain I will try more!

I promised to talk about coffeeberry extract and all of the hype and goodness that goes with it, and perhaps I will get to it later today.  Busy, busy right now.  I really do want to get to the coffee berry discussion, as I have a few really neat looking products with the coveted coffeeberry that I would like to show you!  For now, I am beat after surviving yesterday’s migraine.  Let’s all go have a beauty nap, shall we?


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