Does Your Moisturizer Contain Enough Green Tea To Do Any Good?

Green tea–it is a wonder.  Whether you drink it, use it on your face, or both, you are doing your body good.  With the powerful plant nutrient, ECGC.  ECGC is a super powerful antioxidant, and an anti-inflammatory, making it great for both mature and acne prone skin.  The ECGC is green tea is also said to help maintain collagen product–the skin’s support system.  It is also reported to aid those who are trying to lose weight!  What can’t green tea do?

Because of it’s high levels of antioxidants, 20 times high than vitamin C, and the soothing, redness reducing, anti-inflammatory properties, green tea has been added the a plethora of OTC and natural skin care products, especially creams for the face.  But, how do you know of your moisturizer/face cream contains enough green tea to be effective?  While green tea does not have the deep color of a black tea, it is a definite green/yellow color.   Camellia oil, the extract from green tea is a golden, or deep yellow color.

If your green tea infused moisturizer is a whiter shade of pale, it does not contain enough green tea, or camellia oil extract to do your skin much good.  A moisturizer with a good amount of green tea, of camellia oil extract will be a pale yellow in color, or an oatmeal color.  Certainly, the final color will depend on what else has been added to the cream, especially if it is a natural one, but no matter what else is added to the cream or moisturizer along with the green tea, the cream should have some tint to it.

So, if your green tea containing moisturizer is white, the green tea has been added in an amount to be listed as an ingredient, but not in a great enough amount to matter.

Do not want to worry about the effectiveness of your cream with regards to green tea?  The simple, natural way to do this is to bypass the cream all together.  Brew up your own green tea and make it nice and strong.  Cool it, then use a cotton ball to apply it to your face, straight up.  Allow it to soak in, then apply your olive oil, or face cream.

Keep the green tea in the fridge for some quick skin refreshment on those hot summer days!  Make enough for a glass of iced tea, too, and you will be doing your skin good, inside and out!  Cheers!


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