Free Radicals–The Lone Wolf In Your Herd

I am just bubbling over with things to talk about this week, so I keep telling myself that I need to pace myself.  But there are so many exciting things in the world of natural skin care and beauty!

Today I have decided to talk about, and with hope, explain free radicals, and why they are so bad for our skin, and body.  To begin, we have to go back to chemistry 101 and take a look at molecules.  A molecule is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons.  The positively charged protons, and the neutrons, which have a neutral charge, made up the nucleus of a molecule.  Orbiting around the nucleus are the negatively charged electrons.

Electrons like to hang out in pairs, which makes a stable molecule.  But stress, pollution, smoking, the sun and other toxic stuff can cause an electron to break off from a molecule.  Because electrons like to run in pairs, this free electron, or radical, becomes like a starved, lone wolf in your herd of healthy animals.  This herd may be comprised of cattle, sheep, and goats, but the lone wolf doesn’t can or discriminate.  It wants to take a healthy animal down, be it sheep, cow, or goat. and the healthy animal with be left damaged or dead.

The lone electron, free radical, will hunt through the healthy cells in your body in it’s search for an electron, and in the process, it will damage or kill the cells outright.  The free radical doesn’t care if it attacks a skin cell, a blood cell, or a muscle cell.  It just wants to bring something down, hungry for another electron with which to make a pair. A damage of dead cell can lead to cancer, wrinkles, age spots, heart disease and a host of other problems.

You will have to excuse my analogy–I was born and raised in Montana, and while I never lived on a farm them, I do have farm animals now.  I hope that this “home on the range” comparison will help you better understand free radicals, and why we are at war with them, for the sake of our skin, and all of our body.  That is why there is so much talk about antioxidants everywhere we look and listen, especially in our food and what we put on our skin.

I am going to save the antioxidant explanation for later, as I suspect we all know that they are good for us, even if we don’t quite know why 😉  In the meantime, put on your natural sunscreen, or stay out of the sun, watch what you put into your body, drink lots of water, and most importantly, find ways to decrease the stress in your life, as stress can kill you.  A wrinkle can’t 😉  See you on the flip side!


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