Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up Hot in the City Limited Edicition Eye Shadow Collection!

About three years ago I discovered the wonder that is mineral make-up and have used nothing else since. I have tried the stuff from a number of companies, but I am in love with the mineral make-up that Kristin Leigh Bell, creator of Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up, formulates and blends with unsurpassed creativity, colors and love. Her shipping is quick as a wink, too 😉 Now, I have mentioned Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up before, and you might as well get used to it, because Kristen is nothing if not prolific, and if you love pretty eye shadows, like I do, then get ready for a new addiction, er…collection! This year, Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up has been offering monthly Limited Edition Eye Shadow Collections, to rave reviews, mine included. I adored the Holiday Blast Collection from Christmas 2009, coveted the colors in the Spring Solstice Collection, and shelled out some dough for several colors that I absolutely fell in love with from the very recently retired En Pointe Collection. The Valentine’s Collection was none too shabby, either. Well, Kristen, and Aromaleigh, is all set to debut it’s Limited Edition eye shadow collection for July. The Hot in the City Collection features colors that are very urban, upbeat, sophisticated, and sizzle with excitement. The Hot in the City Eye Shadow Collection is up for preview on Miss K.’s blog, and while these beauties are not for sale yet, I suspect they will be come tomorrow, or Wednesday. So, go take a peek, and stay tuned for the debut of these gorgeous, Limited Edition eye shadow colors! Hot in the City Collection–smokin’ hot! WARNING: Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up has well over 600 eye shadow colors, and that number is growing. If you love color, affordable, top quality products,huge variety, excellent service, and are prone to addictions, or fits of excess when tempted with sparkly things, then watch for signs of addiction, or dependence on Aromaleigh eye shadows. Signs include a bathroom filled with jars and sample baggies, and your own private eye shadow collection with numbers in the 3 digits! You have been warned!


One thought on “Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up Hot in the City Limited Edicition Eye Shadow Collection!

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