Violet Daniels–Blueberries and Skin Care

I hope that someone gets my Willy Wonka reference.  I was thinking of blueberries today, as I had a bunch in my bowl of  whole grain cereal.  These were the store bought kind, not the delicious, wild blueberries that will fill my back pasture come August.  Hence, I was reminded of Violet Daniels, and of course, natural skin care 😉

By now I think that most of us know that the blueberries is considered a super food, right up there with the acai berry.   Blueberries have more antioxidants than green tea and red wine combined, so it has been said.  Because of these antioxidant super powers, many skin care products now contain blueberry extract.

Last summer, while at the fair, I was browsing my way through the blueberry building.  Yes, an entire building devoted to the wild Maine blueberry.  It was there where I stumbled upon Carmen Pease, and her line of natural skin care products, many of which contain wild Maine blueberry extract, along with nori seaweed.  Carmen has been making the Naturally Exquisite line of skin care products for 10 years, and after doing a little magic with my face, I bought two products–The Eye Dew, and the Face It moisturizer.  I loved them especially the Eye Dew.

The Eye Dew contains blueberry extract, along with the nori seaweed, and a secret ingredient that, like magic, opened up the fine lines around my eyes and had them all but disappear.  Extraordinary!  The Face it moisturizer was lovely, as well, containing Alpha Lipoic Acid and other good stuff, such as hyaluronic acid.

Carmen now has a website, to sell her Naturally Exquisite products.  You can order these products online and pay with PayPal.  The Eye Dew serum costs $24.99, and the Face It moisturizer costs $22.99.  That may be a little rich for some peoples blood, like mine, however, I have decided that I might like some more Eye Dew as it does work wonders.  But I think that I will go to her, and save on shipping 😉

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love to support independent, small companies that produce top notch natural skin care and cosmetic products.  Carmen Pease and her blueberry containing Naturally Exquisite skin care line fit that bill, and she is a delight to work with, too!  And, if you cannot afford a product right now, then have a bowl of blueberries.  There are oh so many 4th of July dessert recipes that call for blueberries 😉


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