Garden Of Wisdom Hyaluronic Acid Serum-Goji Berry!

Good Morning!  I have a busy day today.  I am going shopping with my very soon to be 18 year old son, and my 4 year old son.  I need a date with the kid before he is an “adult.”  The 17 year old, of course.  It should be a fun day as the 4 year old and 17 year old get to bickering, as siblings do, and it’s always enjoyable to see the two minds pitted against each other 😉  So, I am posting earlier than usual.

I suppose by now that you may wonder if I ever by a ready made product.  The answer is, yes, of course I do!  I’d love to be a master natural skin care mixologist, but I am not one yet, so I do buy things that I need or want.  Today, if I am left with any money after this shopping trip, I plan to order a a little something for myself from Garden of Wisdom.

Garden of Wisdom is a wonderful place to buy ingredients for your DIY skin care portions and lotions, but they also sell finished products that they formulate themselves.  Whenever I can, I love to support independent businesses and companies, as well as buy things that are not made by corporate America.  They have a vast selection of all of the things that you might want, like essential oils, butters and oils, and active ingredients.  That’s the unformulated stuff.

Among their  finished products is a large number of hyaulonic acid serums to suit various skin needs.  Right now I am torn betweeon they hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin C packed goji berry, or the green rooibos serum, chock full of antioxidants and minerals.  The white peony serum looks good to me, too.  For those of you with ance prone skin, you might choose the cranberry hyaluronic acid serum, while those wanting a tightening effect might pick the cucumber serum.

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that is naturally found in the skin’s connective tissues. Hyaluronic acid is said to hold up to 1000 times as much water than other cell types.  Of course, this retention of moisture plumps the skin.  As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin declines, so using a hyaluronic acid serum can replace some of what is lost.  Because of the moisture holding properties of hyaluronic acid, a good serum can be used in place of your usual moisturizer, and the moisture will benefit the skin cells in the connective tissue, not just the top layer of skin.

I am hoping that I can using the hyaluronic acid serum in place of my moisturizer might cut down on my summer time oily skin, as well as having the desired plumping effect!  I will be keeping you all posted on what hyaluronic acid serum that I choose, and in the weeks to come, I will let you know how it is working!  Goody!  An adventure!


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