It’s Just an Expression…

Did your mother ever tell you that if you kept making that face, that it would stick that way?  Well, my mother did whenever I pouted or scowled.  Of course, I knew she meant, “Get that crabby look off of your face.”  But I never thought that my face would really “stick that way.”  It was a Mommyism, right?  Just an expression…

Well, it turns out that she was right.  I am finding this out a little too late to do any thing about it, but there is hope for you!  Do you have a particular facial expression that you make, purely out of habit, that might be etching lines, wrinkles, and creases into your face?  Well, get that crabby look off of your face!

My issue hasn’t been a crabby face.  When I was in high school, I sang in a very elite choir that had a stern taskmaster for a director.  He insisted on perfection, and we all wanted perfection, too.  Posture was important, the way your stood, sat, and the way that you held your face.  The goal of all of this was to open up the diaphragm and the back of the throat for the best, strongest singing voice.  Well, we were told that in order to open our throats, we needed to open our faces, which required eyebrows raised to the skies.

I sang a lot, and so I opened my face a lot, and I fell into the habit of lifting my eyebrows a fair amount of the time without even knowing that I was doing it, and my face stuck that way.  Thirty plus years later, I have two visible, horizontal lines/creases across my forehead, along with several smaller creases, especially over my eyebrows.  To look at me, you’d think that I have gone through life extremely surprised most of the time 😉  Better that than frown lines adorning my face for the rest of my life, and a good haircut with bangs can fix this problem, but if only I had known!

Let this be a lesson to you: Always listen to your mother!  If you have a facial expression that you make a lot, and unconsciously, then it is time to become aware, and to make a conscious effort to break the habit.  I am not telling you to become plastic, or to hold your face in such a way that makes you look like a botox addict.

It is our expressions that send important messages to those around us, so be yourself and hold onto the expressions that others love.  But, if you are reading this with a frown, or through pursed lips, or with a look of perpetual surprise, like me, then break the habit before it truly is written all over your face!  See you later today!


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