HOT20 Sale at Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up!

Before I head out the door for the day, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the hot20 summer sale going on now through June 30th at Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up.  Lest you think that I am a totally granola gal who wears nothing on my face, and only 100% organic cotton clothing, you are wrong.  I love mineral make-up, more to the point, Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up!

Aromaleigh is a small, independent mineral make-up company created by Kristen Leigh Bell.  Aromaleigh is the real deal, not just a company that repackages bulk mineral make-up with it’s own label.  If you love color, as I do, Aromaleigh has well over 600 different eye shadows, and the Limited Edition En Pointe Collection is set to retire July 1st.  This is my favorite limited edition eye shadow collection so far!  Of course, you will find top quality mineral make-up foundation and other goodies there, too.

I will be telling you a lot more about Aromaleigh over the months, as I am a confirmed fan and addict, but for today, be sure to check out the hot20 sale, and get 20% off of anything, including the stuff that ;s already 25% off for the week!  Have a good Saturday, and don’t blame me if you become and Aromaleigh addict, too.


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