Weekend Homework! Go on a paraben hunt!

Yes, I occasionally give homework 😉  It’s entirely voluntary, and there will be no pop quizzes, just illumination, I hope.  For this homework project, you will need a pen and paper, and all of your beauty lotions and potions–skin care, make up, body care and hair care are all included.

Now, take a look at each label and make a note of whether it contains parabens, and if so, how many different types.  Look for Methyl, ethyl, butyl, propyl parabens.   The will be all one work, such as methylparaben, and so forth.  Before we can begin to discuss parabens, what they are, and why we should care, you need to find out where they are lurking in your bathroom, and cosmetic bag.

Be as thorough as possible.  Some creams and things that came in boxes may not have the ingredients on the label, as they were printed on the box.  So, do your best, and it you are a true detective at heart, you can always google the ingredients for those products that do not have them on the label.  Don’t overlook anything–cleansers, scrubs, hair gel and other products, lipstick and gloss, foundation, lotion, and on and on.  You get the picture.  A simply checklist system should work fine–keep it simple.  We are going for an overall number.

Once you’ve done the homework, keep that list handy, as it will provide you with a lot of information about what’s in your personal stash as we begin to look at parabens.  Good luck!  Let the paraben hunt begin!  I hope no one gets writer’s cramp!  Oh yeah, Happy Summer!


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