Did you wake up with puffy eyes? Try this green beauty trick!

If you are among the many women who wake up in the morning with puffiness under your eyes, here’s a quick and easy remedy that will reduce the puffiness without reducing the money in your bank account.  You won’t be putting any potentially hazardous chemicals on your tender under eye area, either.

If you are sitting at your computer first thing in the morning and you are reading this with bleary, puffy eyes, chances are that you have a cup of coffee–a nice organic, free trade coffee, sitting close at hand.  To send that under eye puffiness packing, simply dip your finger, or a clean q-tip, into your coffee and dab it liberally onto your under eye area.  By the time that you get set to put on your natural make-up and head out the door, your eyes will be puff-free, or much better, at any rate.  If you use milk and sugar in your coffee, that’s okay, too, as milk has lactic acid, a natural exfoilant, and we already know that sugar is a natural alpha hydroxy acid, too.

So, why does coffee under your eyes reduce puffiness?  Caffeine.  The caffeine in your morning cup of Joe, when applied under your eyes, will cause the blood vessels under your eyes to constrict, causing the puffiness to de-puff.  Both Murad and Origins use caffeine in their puffiness reducing eye creams.  Now you can get the same effect, naturally, and it only costs a few beans!

Over 160 skin care companies use caffeine in their skin care products. Over the last decade, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has done a study that shows one cup of coffee contains more, very potent , free radical fighting, antioxidants than oranges, or blueberries. Add to that the anti-inflammatory aspects of caffeine, and a cup of coffee is good for you taken in a cup, or applied under your eyes! Remarkable!

Let’s all raise our cup to the wonders of a simple cup of coffee, and stop feeling guilty for that bit of caffeine!


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